Time Spanning Forgotten Realms, or Elminster is Dratsab's Mommy

Into the Underdark
Everybody, remember where we parked the crypt

17 May 09 Forgotten Realms
Darvin flew back to Daggerdale to buy more arrows for Phaedral and Amber, as well as two Provision boxes. He returned about DUSK.

1)Mike: When you search, ie I am searching the door for traps,what do you do? Do you stand 10’ away or do you touch it or what? SOP, he searches visually, not touching. Unless Mike states otherwise. Rosemary will assume that he is just looking at it.
2)Everyone, 5 spot & 5 search from the elves
a) Darvin – Spot: 27, 30, 22, 17, 33
Razorwing – Spot: 14, 15, 15, 30, 13
b) Phaedral – Spot: 22, 27, 21, 29, 26
- Search: 18, 25, 24, 28, 20
Drevin – Spot: 13, 26, 22, 22, 12
Kessla – Spot: 6, 8, 21, 22, 19
c) Amber – Spot: 24, 9, 11, 6, 21 #
– Search: 20, 6, 9, 12, 21
Moonshadow – Spot: 22, 14, 28, 29,
d) Dratsab – Spot: 32, 36, 26, 22, 26
Slurp – spot: 24, 26, 19, 36, 21
e) Rejanon – Spot: 13, 19, 17, 30, 24#
Unicorn – Spot: 23, 16, 17, 13, 26
#can see invisible when weapons are drawn
The double doors, that lead underground, were flanked by columns carved in the likeness of armored figures with leering skull for faces. The doors gave the appearance that someone had tried to force them open with a crowbar.

Dratsab checked the doors for traps, but he didn’t find any. But he thought that the doors might be chained from the inside, with a padlock. He would be able to open the padlock, if he were on the same side of the door.

Amber said that this was the closest and easiest entrance to the Underdark and that the Drow probably locked it behind themselves to block pursuit. They decided to try to pry the door open a bit, then used an adamantine sword to cut through the chain. Then Phaedral reminded Rejanon to say “Merrydale,” which opened the padlock. The door opened with a gentle shove.

On the other side, was a long, dark hallway of stone. Since Kessla, Moonshadow and a couple others were unable to see in the dark, an everburning torch was pulled out. Five drow bodies lay nearby. They had been stripped of arms & armor but still wore the silver web insignia. Two were killed by blunt force trauma and the other three by bolts from a hand crossbow. Four were female and the male was a Spellguard Wizard; he had been a lesser relation of the Chumvah House from City of Spider Queen (Amber’s house), while the females were from a lesser noble of House Morkain of Zith Morkain. The male must have upset someone to be sent to this area, not hard to do. They appeared to have been guarding the entrance.

Darvin picked up the chain & padlock and put them into his pocket. Alas, none of the bodies had the key. Amber thought that they had been dead five days; two days before the last raid and two days after the raid before that. The drow corpses were dragged into one of the crypts.

After that, the group headed down the hall until they saw a door on the left, about 40’ from the entrance. Dratsab found no traps on it so Darvin opened it. It lead to an empty crypt and 4 alcoves. All of it was coated with dust.

Darvin used a cantrip to clean it as he entered it. It had a family crest, Dodrian era, but it had no sign of ever being used. Darvin copied the designs, just in case, as well as cutting the tabards off the dead Drow. It took half an hour to search the crypt and to copy all those insignia.

Slurp and Dratsab (Glurp) lead the way, to keep an eye out for traps, accompanied by Darvin, carrying Razorwing in his pocket. Rejanon and Phaedral followed behind them. Amber and Kessla walked behind them with unicorn, Pumpkin, & then Moonshadow bringing up the rear. Drevin kept the lizard, Bo, following Moonshadow.

After the hall turned a corner, a door was on the left near the corner, and bit farther was a door on the right. The near door was once plastered shut but it had been opened at some point. It was closed when they found it, but Dratsab said that it was not trapped. Phaedral suggested that he check the floor in front of the door, too. Darvin, tired of all the searching, opened the door.

The room was a crypt with biers and coffins. Surprisingly, they looked undisturbed. Darvin, Rejanon and Pumpkin went just beyond the door to keep on eye on the hall ahead. Amber left Moonshadow outside the door as she drew both blades and entered the room. Soon afterward, she triggered a glyph, causing two glowing gold lions to appear.

SR) Both lions pounced on Amber. One managed to only rake her as the other clawed her around the corner once. Amber managed to slice into one, which bled sparkly gold. Amber apologized in common while Moonshadow told them to get away from his elf. Phaedral joined Amber and muttered, ‘tomb guardians, who knew?’ as he fired off an arrow through the same guardian lion. Drevin left the lizard to protect Kessla. Darvin cast glitterdust on the pair of lions, and successfully blinded the wounded one. The priest tumbled through the blinded lion and stopped right behind him. Dratsab struck cleanly into the blinded lion and it disappeared. Kessla moved to get a clear look into the room and cast Tactical Precision.
1)Rejanon and Pumpkin watched the hallway, in case the lions were a distraction. Amber apologized again as she stabbed deeply into the 2nd lion and her horse went to the corner of the hall, closest to the door. The lion stood up on the bier. The lion said something, which only Rejanon understood, and clawed Amber. Phaedral moved to get a clear shot and put four arrows into the guardian, popping it.

Darvin started looking through the room, using his prestidigitation to clean off the area. All of the tombs and biers appear untouched. The room was not as dirty as the others had been. Kessla looked at the glyph while Amber said that the drow probably left it, so it would reactivate and catch someone else. Kessla thought that it would reactivate in 24 hours.

Amber did not think that there was anything to loot but agreed to look. Dratsab said that the biers were untrapped. Darvin took note of family crests, etc. Found: silver & moonstones necklace (600 gp), gold ring with black pearl (900 gp), mouldering skeleton with holding a short spear & a wand and wearing a gold torc (350 gp). None of the jewelry was magic but both the wand & spear were. Darvin and Dratsab consulted to identify the spear and wand. The spear was a +1 shocking short spear while they were uncertain about the wand.

Once done with that, they went to the next door, using the same order. Dratsab stated his intention of going invisible before any more doors were opened. Everyone dropped back about 10 feet as Dratsab dealt with the trap on the door.

He managed to disable the slay living spell on the door. The door was still plastered shut, showing only a few crowbar marks. Phaedral and Darvin pried at the door with their crowbars. It took a minute or so to pop it open. The vault’s most prominent feature was the statue of a regal, striking woman in a long gown. Amber and Rejanon spotted the ghost inside, the female, upset ghost. Amber calmly commented on that fact, in Undercommon. The ghost had a horrifying face, enough to really scare Amber. Then the ghost merged with the statue.

Ghost said something. No one knew what.

1)Dratsab tumbled into the room and struck the statue/ghost. Amber muttered something about scary ghosts and ‘as my mother said, suck it up,’ and went into the room enough to flank it with Dratsab and struck the statue and only scorched it a little. Kessla began strumming her lute to inspire her compatriots. Rejanon discovered that it did not have combat reflexes at he provoked and it did nothing. He struck the statue and the Sword of the Dales stabbed into it. Phaedral stepped back, out of sight if the ghost showed her ugly face again.
2)Ghost did show her ugly face again but Amber was inured. Darvin was afraid but Dratsab was not. The ghost cast her evil eye upon the paladin but he remains uncorrupted by her evil. Dratsab and Darvin were drained by her evil gaze. Darvin pulled out his cold iron chain to wrap it around the ghost. Dratsab tumbled around the statue to reach the ghost with his disrupting mace. The ghost discorporated.
Rejanon, with the aid of pearls, cast lesser restoration on Amber, Dratsab and Darvin. Pumpkin healed Amber and Darvin. Rejanon cast healing on Dratsab.

Dratsab checked the statue for any lingering weirdness but found none. It looked like the ghost, only prettier. Then he checked each door and crypt for traps. While he was doing so, Pumpkin returned to the Celestial Realm (~8 pm). He found, in the NW crypt, a wizard’s corpse, wearing a gold pectoral (450 gp) and a ring. Dratsab identified the ring as magic, but he was uncertain of its purpose. Darvin noticed that the ring was that of protection (+2).

The ghost & statue were of Lady Qualim, and the wizard was her son. As soon as Dratsab took the jewelry, a mouth appeared and declared ‘whomsoever shall rob my tomb will be devoured by demons, 7 days hence.’

Farther down the hall, a set of stairs descended. They decided to withdraw to the crypts outside to make camp.

They made camp outside. Darvin chained & padlocked the doors.

3 Watches: 1st – Darvin & Kessla (& Slurpy)
2nd – Phaedral & Amber (& Slurpy) & Moonshadow
3rd – Rejanon & Dratsab

Rej take a look at getting Healthful Rest
2nd DAY
both metalline weapons are silver & Dratsab wants Darvin to fly off to Daggerdale to get an Artificier’s monocle

Amber said that until the group got really into the Underdark, it would not be hard to come back to the surface. It would just take time.

Darvin flew to Daggerdale the next morning to also get 2 wands of Detect Magic. They set out back underground about mid-morning when he got back.

Dratsab Has a Daughter?!
following her into the Underdark

While in Shadowdale, Kessla sold the gear that the group had accumulated. The items that Elminster had crafted were waiting. Rejanon repaid the loan that Amber had given him. Then everyone went shopping.

Coming back from shopping, there were two messages for Amber, one from Randall Morn & one from family that she works for [Waterdeep]. The others also have sealed messages from Randall.

The letter from Morn, ‘ruler of Daggerdale asks for help solving problem. “Several farms raided by Drow, on edge of Daggerdale. Many people killed and injured Militia tracked them to old crypts. [there’s an underdark entrance there]. 3 nights ago, Drow raiders hit again. He asked for our help to stop the raids. It’s been awhile since they’ve troubled the Dales and he doesn’t know what stirred them up [Lolth has stopped answering prayers.]”

family: “Daggerdale having Drow raider problems. Go smash the raiders. PS, glad you made it home safely.”

Dratsab introduced his new stirge familiar, ‘Slurp.’ And he mentioned that we needed to go the underdark to recover our investment, and to rescue his daughter. To which the near-universal response was ‘daughter?!’

Amber sent a note to Randall Morn that we were going to investigate, with an additional note that the drow were agitated because Lolth stopped talking. To get started quicker, Phaedral guided everyone to the crypts. Kessla knew something about the raids and the crypts. The crypts were rumored to be haunted, recently. The crypts were from an abandoned keep & town, hundreds of years old. The keep is two miles south of the crypt and also rumored to be haunted. The drow have been out raiding every few days.

Kessla also loaned everyone all hats; to make them look like drow. Amber changed her appearance to look like a different drow. When she mentioned that Lolth had stopped talking, Kessla remembered that there was an old drow outpost, Zenthmor Kain, directly under the crypts. It’s from Myrthmydia and was their staging point for invading Shadowdale.

[much humor out of ‘little paladin’s room’ and an aasimar paladin’s s* does not stink, so he could go in his armor]

day 1: into the Dagger Hills, skirting the southern slopes. We saw two stone buildings with more nearby, but ruined. Phaedral checked for tracks while Dratsab looked for stirges. Dratsab detected stirges and Phaedral found tracks. The tracks belonged to drow and some were recent, coming from the area of the mausoleum. The tracks seemed to be of small raiding parties. He also scented undead. Oddly, he found one set child-sized tracks and teen-male-ish; one set smelled vaguely drowish & vaguely Dratsab-ish, with the other smelling like Timmy (the boy that he warned in Tilverton). [jokes about ‘2 stirges snuggled here.’]

Darvin lead the way to the larger stone building, a moldering mausoleum. The mortar was crumbling and the roof cracked, but the doors looked intact. The heraldic crest had been worn away by time. He peered through a crack in the wall. It looked like others had camped inside and four other doors on the walls of the room within.

The door pivoted open easily. I followed behind him, with both swords out. Everyone else came into the room, too. Dratsab checked the room itself for traps, then checked the four doors. Phaedral, Drevin and Kessla watched the door and the other crypt. Moonshadow and also waited outside. Phaedral switched out the Phoenix crystal to a True Death Crystal.

Dratsab found no traps on the door on the left. When it was opened, there was no sign that anyone had been inside it. There was only heavy dust and a sarcophagus. Kessla, peering inside, said that sarcophagus was from the Dodrean family, the people who founded the town.

While Dratsab checked the coffin, finding that the lid was not firmly secured. Darvin cleared the dust away from himself. There were scratch marks on the lid, so Darvin and Rejanon opened it. The corpse, skeleton, inside appeared looted but not animated. They replaced the lid and we went over to the next door.

It too was safe & the interior appeared the same. The sarcophagus also appeared to be looted.

The third door was the same, untrapped. The room was also dusty, until Darvin swept it out, too. This one too appeared looted.

The fourth and final door, was safe. And the interior the same.

So we went to the smaller one. The smaller one still had a legible crest, but it wasn’t the Dodean family. With a suggestion from Rejanon, Kessla recognized it as being written in ancient dialect of common. The words ‘Together for Eternity’ and the name was Trahere, which had some connection to the vampires who transformed Merrydale to Daggerdale (overnight they killed children and many adults, and enslaved rest of populace).

Carefully, Dratsab checked it for traps. Surprisingly, it was untrapped. So he listened at it. When he heard nothing he said, “the vampires are being quiet. Open the door, Darvin. It’s perfectly safe; pardon me while I turn invisible.”

The door was stuck and would not open easily. There was plaster on the sides & tops, from the inside. There were holes but that’s all. Kessla began singing and Dratsab cast protection from Law. Darvin cast Shield.

1)Dratsab , Amber, Rejanon & Kessla delayed. Darvin worked on cracking the plaster to open the door. Phaedral delayed.
2)Dratsab delayed again. Amber sheathed her black metal sword and waited to help Darvin with the door, using her adamantine short sword. Rejanon did the same with his adamantine blade. Kessla sang. Phaedral loaned his crowbar to Darvin, who, with help from the other two, and Dratsab, managed to pop it open. The air was still and two sarcophagus. The other said that there were bits of dirt near the coffins. Phaedral used his ability to activate his scent for the second time of the day to sniff around it. He smelled something in there. Rejanon and I, both able to see invisible, spotted the slightly feral-looking man standing on the right coffin. He looked like the carving of the man on the coffin. The other coffin had the carving of a woman.
3)Dratsab, uncertain of his target, delayed. I cast Faerie Fire on the invisible man, so he was outlined in green. His friends materialized, on either side of the door. The ‘friends’ were those who had thought to rob the mausoleum but the vampire turned them. The vampire tried to dominate me but failed. The two spawn attempted to slam Rejanon & Darvin but they both missed. Rejanon called up Torm to force the undead back. Kessla moved to get a better view and cast Glitterdust on the vampire and one spawn but neither was blinded. Darvin, using the door as cover, cast Balor’s Nimbus, then tumbled around behind left spawn, drawing his spiked chain. Phaedral moved to get a clear shot and aimed for the vampire but both arrows missed. Drevin guarded Kessla.
4)Dratsab headed for the vampire, trusting his invisibility to protect him, but the vampire struck at him. Dratsab missed back. I provoked the spawn, who was too busy cowering to notice, to flank the vampire and slashed him once with with my black metal sword. The left spawn fled and Darvin whipped it as it passed him. Dratsab missed the other one as it ran past him. The undead healed a little. The pair of spawn cowered. The vampire backed off a bit to cast ray of enfeeblement on Amber. Rejanon went in front of me to swing at the vampire, followed by his unicorn. Kessla, using her mandolin, cast Inspirational Boost to add to her Inspire Courage (+4 to hit & damage). Darvin got behind the vampire, grabbed him and squeezed. Phaedral went right up the nearer spawn, invoked Arrow Mind and used Many Shot to shoot through both of them, learning that normal arrows did not do as much damage as expected.
5)Dratsab got within reach to stab the vampire twice, to no effect. I leaped up on the coffin but my swing missed. The undead healed, so to speak. The vampired turned to gas to escape Darvin and went up to the ceiling. Rejanon struck the fleeing vampire, as did Amber, Dratsab, and Darvin. Rejanon, noticing that Amber’s sword was doing full damage, switched his metalline sword to silver. His unicorn bracketed the spawn to attack them. Kessla came up to the door of the mausoleum and cast Tasha’s Hideous Laughter at the vampire but he didn’t get the joke. Darvin drew a different spiked chain. Phaedral switched to silver arrows, shifted, and rapid shot through both spawn; and the first two arrows were enough to discorporate them. He barely held his last two arrows from firing, surprised by their end.
6)Dratsab sent eldritch fire into the vampire gas as he flew upward, visibly. Amber jumped down off the coffin to make room for those who might be able to reach the vampire. The vampire re-incorporated, on the wall and he walked to the corner by the door. Rejanon activated his ring of flight and flew over to threaten the vampire. Kessla stepped inside the mausoleum and taunted him with his wife’s death (beheaded, staked, etc). Darvin cast magic missiles into Count Trahere. Phaedral offered him a chance for last words, mockingly, as he rapidly shot at the count, hitting twice, enough to destroy the undead. Darvin dodged the falling gear. The gas streamed toward the coffin.

150 gp wand of magic missiles, 3rd lvl cloak of resistance +1 ring of protection +1 Bracers of armor +2

The crew opened the coffins to pour holy water inside. Count Trahere had been sleeping in one and the two spawn had been squeezing into his wife’s coffin. There was more loot in the coffins. 4850 silver pieces, 950 gp, garnet ring (140gp) & an emerald (800 gp)

Blackstaff Tower Fight Continued
Cyric and Midnight become gods

6)Boneclaw swiped twice at Kelemvor but missed him. Rej sent his Torm daggers at a boneclaw, but they bounced off. Of the bloodborne vultures, two flew by Elminster and the third one followed suit. The undead vulture attacked Phaedral. Two claws raked the sage but the elf was not harmed at all. Fire burned the undead and another vulture from the burning arrows while Phaedral loosed three arrows, hitting one vulture thrice and the one behind it twice times. Drevin watched. Phaedral could see more undead headed for the tower door. Darvin moved over to an arrow slit and pulled out a scroll. Dratsab managed to become invisible before he flew by Kelemvor and the boneclaw, nimbly dodging them both. The Sanguinous Drinkers failed to notice Dratsab, so they waited for an opportunity to attack something alive. The blackwing flew over Elminster’s prone form to attack both the sage and Phaedral. One claw raked the sage in the gut [crit] but the bite missed the elf. Amber reached around the stair corner to touch Phaedral and heal some of his wounds, translating her bless spell into a cure light wounds. Elminster cast disintegrate on the blackwing, killing it; then he stood up, provoking the zombie bloodborne vulture, which clawed him. Midnight came up the stairs behind Amber. Thrice Kelemvor swung at the boneclaw and thrice his blow landed.

7)The boneclaw continued to attack the weretiger, clawing him twice. The aasimar moved up behind the clawed Kelemvor and laid his hands upon the wounded warrior. The bloodborne vultures continued attack Elminster but they all missed. The zombie one bit Phaedral harshly [crit], undoing the healing that Amber did and then some. The fire arrows burned the two vultures as Phaedral shot the zombie vulture and the bloodborne vulture behind it; hitting both three times. The elf called to Elminster, telling him to get off the roof. The vulture died, to become undead zombie in midair. Darvin cast magic missile on the new zombie from his scroll and he pulled out a wand. There’s a brief bit of discussion between Phaedral and Elminster about roof vs inside tower and the stair destination. The tiefling struck the boneclaw with his disrupting mace, causing the giant undead to collapse. Still invisible, he stepped into the door of the stairs but his swing missed the next boneclaw. The sanguinous drinkers tried to go through the door, and the first one got attacked by Dratsab as it did so. The undead exploded as it was disrupted. The next two swung blindly at him. More came up the stairs. The first one on the stairs also swung blindly and also missed. Amber again tried to reverse the damage the vultures were inflicting on the elf. Elminster attempted to cast fireball before he tried to go down the steps. His descent provoked the zombie but he managed it, sharing a step with Midnight. Midnight wanted to know where to go, up or down. Kelemvor went out onto the roof with Midnight but he missed the zombie. Two drinkers swung at Dratsab but missed him.

8)The boneclaw swung at the tiefling too and then backed off. Rejanon came up to join Dratsab and nicked the undead with the Dale Sword. The newly zombie vulture flew in while the other one attacked Kelemvore, Midnight & Phaedral. It missed the elf. The two remaining bloodborne vultures both clawed Kelemvor as they flew by, nicking him. Both zombies burn from the arrows as the elf’s arrows killed the close zombie and he stepped out onto the roof. Darvin hit one of the bloodborne vultures with a scorching ray from him wand, creating a new zombie bloodborne vulture. Midnight called for everyone to get onto the roof so that she could block the stairs with a spell. So Darvin reached the stairwell away from his arrow slit. Dratsab delayed. The drinkers attacked invisible Dratsab, five of them, and they all missed. Amber healed some of Elminster’s wounds before she passed Phaedral onto the roof. Elminster healed himself. Midnight delayed casting her spell, to let the Rejanon, Darving and Dratsab come up the stairs, swung her dagger instead. Kelemvor suddenly died when Cyric appeared, stabbing him with the soulsucking short sword. The tablet on Kelemvor’s back disappeared. The secret door that Cyric used became visible, too. Cyric disappeared again, but Phaedral could hear him. Phaedral growled, “Cyric’s here!”

9)The boneclaws clawed at the space where Dratsab stood, but they all missed. Rejanon went up the stairs, sharing a step with Elminster. Dratsab passed Darvin on his way up the stairs, leaving the Mystra priest to block the stairs. The zombies bit at Midnight and Cyric, while the vulture clawed Amber. The two zombies burned while the elf stepped and shot Cyric and the zombie behind him a couple times. Darvin came up the stairs, to join the rooftop crowd, and strike the nearest zombie. Midnight reached the point so that she could see and cast a wall of force to block the stairs. The zombie struck her as she made her move. The undead below were stymied. Amber cast Faerie Fire to strike Cyric and blew him a raspberry. Elminster again tried to cast Fireball. It exploded twenty-five feet off the tower, hitting only one of the zombies; instead of both zombies & Cyric. Cyric tumbled past the line of attack to cut Rejanon’s pack off of his shoulders. Rejanon struck him back, as Amber and Phaedral also struck. Phaedral’s arrow hit Elminster, standing behind Cyric. Phaedral apologized to Elminster. The bag was cut off and it fell to the ground.

10)The boneclaws raked the force field. Rej yelled for Dratsab to grab the pack as the aasimar kicked it down the stairs. Rejanon’s lion shield attacked Cyric as Rejanon’s [[:Sword of the Dales]] struck. Dratsab grabbed the pack, bluffing the Torm daggers that he was Lawful Good. While he had them fooled, he set them to protect Rejanon. He then stepped away. One zombie bit Darvin and the other one flew over to Amber as the vulture flew by Phaedral. Drevin snapped at Cyric’s leg as his elf friend made a comment about redemption being beyond Cyric. Phaedral apologized to Elminster again as he shot through Cyric to hit the sage again. He hit the two of them only once. A huge skeletal griffin, formed from the bones of small animals flew up the tower, being ridden by Merkle. Cyric commented, “oh cr—.” Merkle called Amber’s bones out from within her body as a swift action. He followed that with a staff attack on Phaedral, striking the elf. The griffin lashed out at Rejanon. Darvin grabbed Cyric but failed to hold onto him. Cyric went unconscious, leaving the sword floating over his body. The sword struck Darvin when he grabbed the tablet off Cyric. Darvin retained his soul, though and called his griffin. His griffin appeared next to the tower, just out of skeletal griffin’s reach. Midnight came back up and started concentrating. Amber struck the zombie three times as Elminster asked who wanted a teleport. Everyone but Midnight and Darvin left the tower. Cyric’s sword healed him and Cyric swore when he opened his eyes. He grabbed his sword and disappeared. The zombies op’ed him but he survived enough to get away. One zombie flew over to Darvin and the other one missed him. The vulture flew by and raked him with a claw. Merkle raised Kelemvor as undead. The skeletal griffin clawed and bit at Darvin, in vain. Darvin’s griffin flew by so that Darvin tumbled by the foes and off the tower onto its back. He flew off and Midnight was left in the tower. A griffin rider came by to attack Merkle, Adon rode to her rescue. She teleported all three of them; herself, Adon and the griffin; away.

On Mount Waterdeep, Drevin, Darvin, and Dratsab could see the stairs, as could Cyric and Midnight. A giant in burnished armor guarded the stair, ‘I guard this stair. This way is forbidden save to the one who bears the tablets.’ Cyric tried to claim that he held the tablets, until these people stole them. Dratsab dis’ed him and the guard said, “I know who recovered the tablets.” Aol showed up to tell Midnight that it’s not the guard’s job to punish evil. Dratsab waved at Aol, who waved back. Dratsab asked if he had done enough to become the demi-god of stirges and Aol said ‘maybe’. Rejanon and Amber considered taking up drinking.

Midnight was given the tablets and she handed them to Helm, the guard. Cyric tried to take credit again. Aol crushed the tablets and declared that gods’ power depends on the number and devotion of their followers. More words from Aol. Cyric protested again. Aol revealed that Cyric would be god of strife and death. It’s a punishment not a reward. Aol made Midnight the new Mystra. Darvin went, “hunh,” mildly. She accepted and threatened Cyric. As the celestial stair disappeared, Dratsab asked about his promised riches.

She offered him a choice, more money or a step along the path to what he wanted. He decided that he preferred the demi-godhood. She said that she could not make him a god, that’s up to Aol. But she made him a hero of stirges. She kissed him on the forehead, leaving a mark of a silver stirge bite surrounded by silver stars.

He got several benefits from that [Mike noted it down]. As well as a couple drawbacks.

She also Awakened Drevin. She also Awakened Moonshadow, Amber’s heavy warhorse. Drevin’s griffin became his familiar. Rejanon decided to wait until his new mount was ready, in a month.

+5 weapon or equivalent crafted or upgraded by Elminster; more than that the person had to pay the difference. Plus Midnight gave everyone a limited wish spell and Blessing of own deity, or Mystra feat (for free, FR faiths & pantheons).

Amber asked for additional protections to the sanctuary that she planned to build on her property in the Dalelands.

Mystra gave a baked chicken to Drevin. She also promised to find and bring Sofia and Kelemvor back. She would see to it that those who had passed would be taken care of, tended by the deities of the worshiper and not just left to limbo.

Drevin woke up in the church that he had been building with Sofia. The bell was ringing for prayers. Wings rustled and beaks clacked nearby, griffins.

Rejanon woke in his house. Amber woke in her Sanctuary, with the children, now adults, that she had rescued. Sofia had said that they would be back soon and everyone had been waiting.

Moonshadow decided that he didn’t like teleporting. The other mounts also had been brought forward.

The bard, Kesla, was waiting for them; also warned by Sofia. He commented that Dratsab would be needing help soon. The lizardmen had found him and became part of the militia. There were also new statues in town, thanks to the stalagmite scimitar. Timmy also arrived and a little girl came, she said that she was supposed to bring a wagon. She got attacked and had to hide the wagon.

Dratsab woke in a gold palace, built in the old stirge hole. Gold stirge statues decorate the area; little cushion beds and stirges sucked on chickens. The head of Dratsab’s Irregulars, Doyle, was waiting. He said that Dratsab’s daughter had to hide the wagon in the underdark. She went back for it two weeks ago and hasn’t gotten back yet.

Dratsab, “Let’s go back to…daughter?” Doyle wanted to go get her, ‘she’s kind of hot.’ Dratsab wanted to know who the mother was? He finally guessed it after a couple tries. Dratsab’s daughter has a little dragon that rides her shoulder. It stared.

She went back to get the wagon with Timmy. But neither one of them were good at sneaking. Dratsab decided to go get his friends for help, starting with Phaedral; because he’ll probably want to help Timmy.

Finding Midnight
but not telling her that she's going to be Mystra

Dratsab checked the door and declared that it had no trap. He immediately went behind Phaedral as Darvin took the lead, followed by Rejanon and Amber.

Darvin opened the door. Continual light torches light the room, somehow sinisterly. There was a dais, water in front of it and some really, disgusting creature holding a man in one of its suckered arm. The man was playing with the surface of the water. He asked, ‘Beautiful Flower wants to know why you are here. This is her realm.” To their further disgust, he’s apparently talking about the tentacled thing with mouths and suckers.

Darvin told it/them, “We merely seek a portal to the well of lost souls.” “It would disturb our home to turn on the portal. It makes such a mess. An underwater tornado. And if you hit the switch wrong, there are gobbety bits hanging around the room for days. It’s very messy.”

Dratsab offered the services of some goblin fishermen to clean up the area, before remembering that they died. It/they mutters about how inconvenient the whole thing would be. Phaedral asked in elvish, which the thing/man understands, “we have a saying where I’m from; you don’t worry about the mess if you’re dead.”

Darvin tried to convince it to reveal the ‘good’ way to turn on the switch. It’s reluctant. Rej and Dratsab thought that the human was not the real one communicating. It’s a puppet on a tentacle; but it’s happy to be a puppet. Ewwwwww.

Phaedral checked for bribability. It’s mildly disgusted by the gobbets of undead, etc in the water. If they permit the thing & spawn to pass, and let them make a mess. He won’t return until they do. It goes into the hall and Phaedral shut & locked the door behind it.

The room was covered in 3’ deep water. Only the dais is out of the water, so Phaedral sent Drevin up onto it while everyone else looked for the switch. Dratsab found it and started working on it.

A whirlpool started, causing all the water from the room to swirl, Drevin swam his way out of it while Dratsab was pulled under. They both got slammed into the ceiling by the column of water.

Drevin caught Dratsab by his pants and pulled him out of the column. Dratsab claimed that he now knew how it worked and would succeed. Phaedral tapped Drevin with his wand of natural healing, but instead the gravity reversed and everyone fell to the ceiling, then fell back to the floor. Dratsab caught Drevin and Rej activated his ring of flight. Phaedral used the same wand on Dratsab, but it worked.

The column of water opened up again, but the roof opened into a starry night. Everyone jumped into the spiraling column of water. Dratsab kept making bidet comments. Something started banging on the door.

As the water level dropped, there was a bone cape and a staff on the dais. Drevin sat on it. Darvin used force wave to knock them into the water, hoping that they would get caught in the spiral column of water. Both swirl up, too. The bone cloak felt creepy as it passed, although Darvin and Dratsab claimed not to feel it.

After the sparkly cloud dissipated, they were in a cavern, with a sparkly, prismatic spell in the center. Also in the cavern was Elminster, some mucky-muck with a black staff and a very bored Kelemvor.

There was a mild disagreement about who left who and who went off on their own. Elminster & mucky-muck are waiting for the sphere to go away; it can only be maintained for a couple hours although Kelemvor kept telling them that they’re on a clock.

Suddenly, Rejanon remembered that the sphere was where Midnight was. He saw her while he was dead.

Meanwhile, Drevin peered into the sphere, noticing a ‘Midnight-shaped’ fly and he pawed at it. Fire charred the poor dog. Phaedral used his wand of Lesser Vigor on his dog, and Phaedral fell into the 10’ pit that opened up under him. Phaedral climbed out and managed to use the wand successfully.

Dratsab muttered something in some evil language. The spell should last about ten minutes per caster level. Dratsab asked, “and what level is a god?” Elminster tapped his pipe and ‘hmmmm’.

The outer layer of the sphere blocked anything from entering it. Darvin started to use a sphere of brown mold until Dratsab strenuously protested. Darvin reluctantly put up the sphere and started examining the cloak & staff.

Dratsab, surprisingly, managed to convince Elminster that it had been long enough. Elminster cast cone of cold and dispel magic to take down the outer layer of fire. The circle became orange.

Rej tossed a note into the sphere, “Drevin wants the treats from the bag & I want my stuff back, signed Rejanon, series of titles”

A hand emerged, waving and Darvin pulled her out. She was protecting herself from all the undead, the entire army of undead waiting to use the portal. Her sphere blocks the army from emerging. We don’t tell Midnight about how long her spell has lasted.

She returned Rej’s bag, with the book, and she had found another book. Elminster suggested that the books be put in one of Kildan’s pockets (he’s Kilden Blackstaff). The hidey holes were in his tower, back in town.

In the meantime, the books were put into two different Heward’s. Or tried. The second would not go. It’s possible that Merkle did something to it, so it would not go into an extra-dimensional space. Kelemvor volunteered to take it.

They went up through the caverns and into the basement of the Yawning Portal Inn. They all went to stay in Blackstaff tower, so that they could guard the open book and the hidey holes.

They collected their animals and took them to the tower, too. The gryphon sqawked at Darvin. Darvin spoke to it, like he was replying. Amber is now the only one who doesn’t have something talking to her.

Midnight identified the cape as a bone mantle; it’s armor protection and protection vs good. The staff, a +2 q-staff with 1 charge of Light, 1 magic missile w/ 5 missiles, cone of cold, 1 see invisibility, and 2 dim doors and it’s a good staff. Dratsab appraised both for their monetary value.

The griffin ring probably permits the wearer to understand, talk to and call a griffin by name to come to the wearer, and a griffin figment. The scimitars are +1 that give the wielder -3 will saves (2250 gp each). Dratsab will arrange the sale of the mantle and the scimitars (19490 gp/person, when everything that will be sold gets sold).

Midnight tried the sanctum spell but failed. A pit opened up, she fell down to the next level and old, brittle bones fell on their heads.

Phaedral used his wand of Lesser Vigor on Drevin and Midnight accidentally Healed everyone instead of just helping Darvin.

Amber volunteered to take first watch before she prayed and then she would meditate (instead of sleep). Rej on 2nd, Darvin on 3rd, Phaedral on 2nd & 3rd, Dratsab on 2nd, Midnight on 3rd, and with Kelemvor also on 1st. Phaedral prayed to Mielikki for help, for the time and place of the gold stair. She suggested that he go look on the top of Mount Waterdeep.

The night was uneventful. The next morning soldiers, lots & lots of soldiers, arrive at the tower. Blackstaff’s being summoned to deal with fiends attacking the dock wards. They were swarming up from the sewers. Phaedral id’s them as undead.

1)Rejanon drew his sword and set his daggers to protect the bag with the book before trying to cast Bless. Phaedral headed for the stairs and up onto the roof, saying something about spotting the Celestial Stair. Darvin cast Balor’s Nimbus and pulled out his chain. Dratsab started flying, pulling his sword as he tried to activate his magic ring. Kelemvor waited for Midnight. Amber cast Divine Protection and followed Phaedral, pulling her swords and asking about the stair. Midnight and Kelemvor headed for the stairs, too. Elminster came up the stairs, “oh, I guess that you saw the undead, too.” Undead started mounting the stairs from the 1st floor and more start flying onto the roof. Four of the undead coming up the stairs were 4 boneclaws, followed by 8 skeletons with slimy internal organs, sanguinous drinkers. The two undead that dove at Phaedral were on patrol and spotted the elf when he emerged onto the roof. They looked somewhat like undead vultures (blackwings). Four more flying undead on the way really looked like undead vultures. Their fear aura did nothing and the two swooped to attack. One completely missed the dog while the other one clawed Phaedral.

2)Rejanon, spotted a boneclaw in the stair, and went up to face off against it. It reflexively swung at him as he went into its reach but missed him. His return swing, with the Sword of the Dales, cut into the bones. The vulturous undead flew closer. Phaedral ordered Drevin into the stair and shifted to shoot through two of the undead, one of the first flying undead as well as one of the vulturous undead. Darvin lashed out with his chain to chip away at the boneclaw. Dratsab flew over Midnight’s head to club the boneclaw with his mace, channeling magic through the weapon for greater effect. The smaller undead were trapped by the larger ones blocking the stair. The boneclaw swiped at Amber as she passed Elminster to defend the stair. She hit it once with her black metal sword. Elminster got pelted by fiery red flowers as he tried to cast a spell. Midnight shifted away from the stair and started concentrating Kelemvor stepped up to the boneclaw and clawed its bones.

3)Boneclaw, surrounded on the stair, clawed at Kelemvor and Dratsab but missed both. Rej’s swordblows both connected with the boneclaw. The undead vulture things fly by to attack Elminster and Phaedral; two on each male. Phaedral reflexively tried to hit one as it passed. It was enough to get him out of the way of one attack, but the other one clawed him (diseased). The other two just miss the sage. Drevin and Phaedral shift down the stair as the elf shoots the same blackwing and a new undead vulture and his previous arrows burn. Two arrows pierced the blackwing and onecontinued into the other undead. Darvin swung his chain to hit the boneclaw twice, which was looking badly damaged. Dratsab’s first blow destroyed it and the small undead tried to charg up but the other boneclaws prevented them making it. Dratsab went to the landing to block any undead from coming up into the 3rd floor of the tower. The two blackwings attacked, one on Phaedral and one on Elminster. One claw bit into the sage and both claws raked Phaedral. Amber shifted down one to give room to the others to descend. Elminster attempted a spell and flew up into the air. Both undead missed him. Midnight continued to concentrate while Kelemvor swung once at the next boneclaw down the stairs.

4)The boneclaw reaches out to rake at Kelemvor and Dratsab. The next boneclaw went out in the room of the 2nd floor to let the other undead come further up the stairs. Rejanon moved to keep an eye on the arrow slits and a wary out for more undead intruders. The four undead vultures fly by Elminster, who was still up in the air. The ones that Phaedral shot burn. Phaedarl shot the same blackwing and the first undead vulture that he shot. Darvin delayed. One of Dratsab’s mace swings hit. The sanguinary blooddrinking advanced and waited, hungrily. The blackwings continue their same attacks, but none of them hit. Phaedral asked Amber to tell Midnight to look for the Gold Stair. Elminster fell to the tower, with the undead clawing at him as he went by. Midnight spotted the stair, it looked like amber and pearl. Then it changed to white and without a railing. Kelemvor slashed it with his great sword, cutting chips off twice.

5)The boneclaw reached up to miss again. The 4th one came up into the 2nd floor, making more room on the stairs for the smaller undead below. Rejanon stepped into the stairway. One of the bloodwing vultures clawed the sage. Phaedral’s earlier arrows burned while he shot again into the blackwing and the 2nd bloodwing. Three arrows went through both undead. The blackwing fell to pieces. The bloodwing seemed to ‘die’ but it became a zombie bloodborne vulture. Darvin delayed. Dratsab swung around the corner to hit the boneclaw on the stair a couple times. A blackwing clawed Phaedral. Amber went back up the stair to convert one of her spiritual weapon spells to heal some of Phaedral’s wounds. Elminster stood up, and the blackwing clawed him. Elminster cast Scorching Ray, it rebounded onto himself, he absorbed the magic and healed. Kelemvor cut into the boneclaw.

Story So , in progress
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Freed Randall Morn
went into past during Wild Magic Era
Met some gods
Rejanon, paladin of Torm, almost joined his god during the fight against Bane (offered his soul to power Torm)
Made deal for load of Tilver
Met Midnight, Kelemvor & Cyric
Accused & then acquitted of killing Elminster, through the testimony of Drevin (Phaedral’s elf dog)
Sofia possibly died?

Looking for Skullport
two fights, really?

2 November, 2008
7)The armor backed out of reach of Darvin’s whip to shoot its crossbow. The shot and Darvin both missed. Dratsab flew to a back corner and attempted invisibility, finally successful. Phaedral dashed down a hallway, past a door to the scorpion’s room to the other side of the halls. He found nine goblins, who said, ‘what you doin’ here. Go ‘way. Go ‘way.” He replied, “we’re just here to kill the undead things.” Goblins: “no undead here. Just fishing. Go ‘way. Good fishing in back room. Go ‘way.” Drevin cocked his ears, “fishing?” G: “Ack, talky dog. Run away.” and eight of them retreated. Darvin dropped his chain and drew a thunderstone from his haversack. He threw it at the feet of the animated armor, which was standing outside the troll’s door. Troll yelled, “TOO LOUD!” There’s a popping sound and the troll appeared on top of the armor. The troll should have been squeezed but did not appear to be. The armor was pushed back down the hall. The troll’s claw swipe missed Darvin. Rejanon stood up and asked Amber what’s going on and asked for more healing. Amber used her last second level spell to heal him (20 hp again).
8)Armor stood up and fled the troll, toward the goblin and Phaedral. The troll took the opportunity to strike the noisy armor as it left. A door opened behind Drevin and something attacked the dog. The black bat thing clawed but missed. Dratsab ran away from the troll and saw the creepy, gargoyle bat thing. Drevin snapped at the bat thing and stepped toward his elf friend, who was unable to see the tiefling on the other side of the bat thing. All three silver arrows missed both bat-winged things. The elf also stepped back, and told the goblin, ‘he’s yours.’ G: “you woke up bad undead thing. Bad, baaaad people!” and the goblin ran away, after his buddies. Darvin picked up his chain and silently ran away from the troll, around the corner toward Amber and Rejanon. Troll muttered, “little loud thing” and teleported to the last loud noise that it heard, where Phaedral’s arrows hit the wall; next to Dratsab. The bat thing clawed Drevin and tail whipped the dog. The bat-thing sizzled and hissed. Then it turned and looked at directly at Dratsab. Rejanon reached the troll, who hit him as he came within reach. Rejanon’s sword blow hit the huge creature. Amber told Rejanon that he’s not lawful stupid and to get out of there as she headed for Phaedral and company. She could not reach the bat thing so she ducked into the alcove to the door of the scorpions’ room.

9)The animated armor chased the goblins and Phaedral struck it as it passes. Dratsab charged the bat thing and hit it. The mace blow did not damage it and the wave of disruption failed to affect it. Dratsab yelled, “Phaedral, shoot anyway!” Phaedral told his dog to get out of the way, to head for other folks. Phaedral shot down the hall, just basic shooting. Both shots hit the bat-thing and hurt it; the elf stepped back. The shots also hit the troll but missed Dratsab. Darvin headed down the hall. The Nighthaunt clawed at the tiefline and snapped at him but only the tail whip landed. It stepped toward Phaedral. Both of the troll’s claws raked Rejanon and it rended him. The paladin was killed (- 17 hp) and was finally quiet. Rejanon lay there and somewhere else he was on a great plain, standing next to a silvery pool. The halfling there asked if Rejanon had recovered his sword. Up in the sky he saw a ball of fire that seemed to hold Midnight. Amber reached the bat thing but missed.

10)Dratsab flew over Amber but also missed the night haunt. Drevin jumped over the pit and headed for Darvin, “there you are! I find you.” Troll “Loud doggy!” Phaedral moved around halls to get non-Amber shot at night haunt. Darvin reached the paladin in time to feed a blue rock candy to him and the paladin was alive again, just as Midnight was about to tell him something. Rejanon stayed quiet. The troll went to open the door of the scorpions’ room and goes, “shhhhh!” The night haunt clawed the tiefling once. Rejanon whispered thank you to the priest and told him to back off because he’s about to try to heal himself. Only Amber’s short blade hit, for no damage, as she quietly full attacked.

11)Dratsab flew over the night haunt and missed, too. Drevin delivered a cure serious wounds potion to the paladin. Phaedral shot at night haunt but missed. Rejanon whisper-reported that Midnight is imprisoned in Limbo. Darvin went to the corner so that he could see troll and silently went around halls. Rejanon drank the proffered potion and told Drevin to back off before he activated his flight ring. Troll entered scorpions’ room and shuts the door behind him. The night haunt clawed the would-be crime lord and stepped away from Amber. Amber managed to land one effective blow, with her black metal blade and one ineffective one with her short sword.

12)Dratsab missed as Phaedral activated his armor to give himself Cat’s Grace. His dog followed Darvin, asking ‘where we going, where we going?’ and went past the human, quietly. Darvin continued around hall. Troll emerged from the other side of scorpion’s room. The night haunt headed for Phaedral and was hit by Amber and Dratsab. The undead missed Phaedral. Rejanon invoked his ring of flight and was successful. He flew, still prone, toward Amber, who reached the undead but missed.

13)Dratsab floated over Amber’s head and also missed. Phaedral rapidly shot the undead and hit once. Drevin followed Darvin and passed him, looking around the hall for anyone else. He saw a small figure with a fishing pole; it’s a goblin fishing with a bucket full of fish. Drevin went up and asked for one. The goblin screamed, “Ahhh, talking dog!” Darvin understood goblin so he knew what the little fellow was yelling. Darvin sheathed the great sword and quietly followed the elf dog. Troll yelled for quiet again and headed down the hall toward to the goblin and the dog, ending about ten feet behind Darvin, much to the priest’s unhappiness. The night haunt clawed Phaedral once and also bit him. Troll told Darvin to move. Rejanon reached the corner to see situation and flew to the upright position. Amber missed with her effective weapon.

14)A scorpion left the room, as the troll forgot to close the door behind him. It climbed down into the pit and then back out. Dratsab stepped directly above the night haunt, sending two waves of disruption through it. The other scorpion followed the first one. They were both clanky. Phaedral shot again, hitting the undead. Drevin ate the fish that the goblin offered him, quietly saying, ‘good doggie?’ The goblin looked up to see the troll and was quietly panicking. Darvin quietly tumbled away from the troll, back down the hall. Troll, ‘bad, loud goblin’ and killed it. Drevin, ‘he was nice, fishy goblin.” Troll, “nice quiet doggie have bones now.” Night haunt hit the elf once with a claw and once with the tail. Rejanon flew over Amber and hit the undead with the Sword of the Dales. While not all the damage got through, it’s enough to make it discorporate. Not having, or at least not knowing, about anything she wanted to attack, Amber quietly cast Cure Light Wounds on Rejanon.

15) Phaedral spotted the stinger of a scorpion as it was coming and he whispered a warning. Dratsab headed for the night haunt’s room and looked inside. It’s a mud-covered room with stones, trash and broken weapons scattered through-out. He entered anyway. The other scorpion continued to follow the first, both still clanking. Phaedral checked inside the scorpions’ room and there’s only broken equipment and trash piled into a nest. He followed Dratsab. Drevin asked the troll why his ears hurt so much. Troll replied that he’s just trying to take a nap and not enough hands to cover his ears (2 heads = 4 ears but only 2 hands). Darvin delayed. Troll headed back to his room and saw the scorpions. “Scorpions, loud. Bad skeledars, back in room.” Rejanon flew to Phaedral, quietly. Amber also moved quietly to join them.

The entire group stays quiet while the troll picked up the metal scorpions and puts them back into their room before returning to his own room. The night haunt’s room had nothing of value.

While he’s shut in the room, Dratsab tried to activate his detect magic; it took two tries. There’s nothing there. Rejanon shared that Midnight is in Limbo.

Dratsab appraised what’s left of the construct. Some of the armor rents were knitting back together. Darvin thought that the construct was magical and that its regenerating will eventually reassemble itself. They left it behind. It was a Helmed Horror and such are assigned specific tasks by their creators.

There’s a narrow path across the pool of water. The water had fish in it and it’s apparent that the goblins often fished there. Since the Helmed Horrors apparently have specified patrol regions, they went to the area where the guardian was regenerating. Amber fed a potion to Rejanon and Phaedral used a wand on him to heal him up.

At the doors that they pass, people listened. There’s sloshing behind one. Since no door had yet to have anything related to the mission, they bypassed the doors and headed for the middle back room; Rejanon lead, followed by Amber. Dratsab flew over Darvin’s head as they followed the paladin and the fighter, then the ranger and his dog

Inside the room, Rejanon heard conversation, in an unknown language. Amber didn’t understand it either. Everyone took a turn, but no one spoke it. Shrugging, Rejanon opened the door.

Inside the room, with alcoves, was very crowded; 4 horned, greenish ogres, fishing in the shallow water. Also 6 tiny, flaming skulls hovered 25 up in the air, mostly in the room’s alcoves. Hanging from wires were glass cases with fine scimitars enveloped in a yellow glow.
1)Rejanon sic’d the daggers on the skulls. Each dagger stabbed a skull. The daggers hit but none of them did any damage. He stepped down the hall so that he bracketed the door with Amber. The skulls screamed “Intruders!” Three attacked Amber & three attacked Rejanon with their zappy eyes, maneuvering to get in range. Each one was hit by magic missiles and then the other two shot out fire rays, Rejanon was hit by 3 rays. None of them hit Amber. Amber stepped to the door and hit the ogre there three times, inflicting a lot of damage. Darvin stepped up next to Amber and cast Ray of Enfeeblement at the ogre that he could see. Dratsab successfully went invisible and flew over Amber’s head. Phaedral pulled out his hammer sphere and sent it after the foes in the room. It finished off the ogre that Amber hit. The surviving ogres crowded closer to the door and stabbed at Amber and Darvin with their long spears. None of them hit.

2)Rejanon sent all three Teeth of Torm at one skull, and they dinged it. Two skulls sprayed Magic Missiles at Rejanon & Amber. One Fire Ray hit Darvin and three rays hit Rejanon. It’s enough to send him unconscious. One ray hit Amber as Rejanon stabilized. Amber swung around the corner and hit the weakened ogre, and it fell. She stepped out of the door. Darvin tumbled into the room but missed the ogre. Dratsab flew into the room and above Darvin to sneak attack the same ogre, channeling eldritch blast. The blast rebounded onto the tiefling, luckily with little effect. Phaedral’s ‘hammer’ hit the ogre as he stepped forward to be adjacent to the door. He rapidly shot the ogre that he can see better. He killed that ogre. The ogre stabbed at Amber, uselessly and he stepped back.

3)Rejanon lay there, delaying. The skull that was damaged, healed. The magic missile slinging skulls fired them off for the last time. They hit Amber and Phaedral. The other four each fired two rays of fire, hitting Phaedral once only and missed everyone else. Amber’s attempt to turn did nothing. Darvin hit the giant twice. Dratsab headed for the skulls and attacked the giant, channeling eldritch blast, successfully this time. The ogre fell. Phaedral shot a skull, hoping to blow through to another. He hit one twice and hit another one once, really only doing damage to one.

4)Rejanon lay there. Two new skulls cast Magic Missile, one provoking Dratsab to take the opportunity to attack (to no effect), to hit Dratsab. The other set of Magic Missiles hit Phaedral. The other four skulls used Ray of Fire again, two rays per target, four targets. One managed to hit Amber hard [crit]. Amber cast Cure Light Wounds on Rejanon and stepped into the room. Darvin stepped under two of the skulls and his chain reached up to strike one twice. The cold iron spiked chain did partial damage. Dratsab hit the skull again and again with his mace. Phaedral stepped into the door and directed his spiritual weapon to attack a skull, it penetrated the spell resistance to hit. He then many shot the skulls that Darvin faced. The damaged skull was destroyed.

5)Rejanon stood up and tried to turn the skulls, without success. The skulls fired magic missiles at Phaedral and Darvin. Darvin sucked up the spell energy. The remaining three skulls targeted the three damaging adventurers (not Phaedral & not Amber). They shot the fire rays, provoking ops from Darvin & Dratsab. The ray damage was not enough to hurt Phaedral, thanks to his ring. Two rays hit Darvin and one ray hit the tiefling. The tiefling ignored the fire. Amber attempted to turn again, and managed to make three of them fly away from her, up to the ceiling and into alcoves, cowering. Darvin was left without anything in reach. He pulled out a wand and used it to cast Lightning Bolt at one of the skulls but it did no damage. Dratsab attacked the only skull that he could still reach without pursuit. He hit it once. Phaedral’s spiritual weapon hit and finished it off. Phaedral shot another skull and destroyed it, then followed up on another skull with his last shot. The skulls left were the ones that Amber had turned. Rejanon pursued the skulls and destroyed them with the Sword of the Dales.

The bodies were examined and the scimitars, in the cases, were examined next. The cases were 20’ up. There were 3 cases with scimitars & one case with a ring, without a glow. The ogres had huge longspears, mundane ones. There’s no armor, only a bucket & 4 large fishing poles.

Dratsab searched the cases, with detect magic running. All 4 cases were trapped. Before working on them; there was healing done. Darvin laid hands on Dratsab. After one flubbed attempt, 30’ darkness and silence, Phaedral handed his wand of lesser vigor to Amber to use, because she’s close enough to her goddess that her magic does not backfire. She finished up by using one charge of her wand to heal Drevin.

Everyone staid back at least 10’ while Dratsab worked on the traps. He worked on the ring case first. He triggered the trap. The case exploded in fire in his face but he evaded it. The ring fell to the ground. Phaedral leapt to catch before it hit the water. It’s made of two griffons, one silver & one gold, with their wings interlinked. He passed the ring to Darvin. When he put the griffin ring on, he felt like he could call his griffon, no matter where they are and how far apart they are. It’s possible that more powers would become apparent once the griffon was nearby.

Dratsab triggered another trap, and evaded again. Phaedral caught the scimitar, which did glow yellow. Dratsab successfully opened the 3rd case. He took out the scimitar and handed it down to Phaedral. He headed for the 4th case and exploded it, too. Amber caught the last one, since Phaedral’s hands were full. All three scimitars looked alike. Phaedral carried all three scimitars while Darvin had the ring.

They open the next door…....

Under Waterdeep
to Ellistraee's temple

24 August 2008
Rosemary’s game
Rejanon, after escaping from the deadly snow bunnies, arrives in Waterdeep. He gets Elminster’s invitation and immediately heads for the tower to meet. He had given the bag, with the tablets, to Darvin to protect.

He tells Elminster & Blackstaff about what had happened since Tormdied. They admire all that’s been accomplished, especially since he’s apparently lost everyone else. Yarl escorts him to an inn while the other two leave town, going to the Pool of the Lost.

Rejanon secures lodgings and cleans his armor in the common room. The others are a little surprised to see him and disgusted by what’s on his armor (undead snow bunny guts). Rej tells Dratsab that he suddenly sympathizes with the tiefling’s feelings about Elminster. Since Elminster & Kelvin stole our guide, we ask about other guides.

Darvin approaches the innkeeper. He recommends Gower, waiting him to return. Skullport is 3 levels into the mountain. The innkeeper is uncertain how long Gower will be but the only information that we can give is that it was a 20 drink trip. The innkeeper thinks that whoever it was (Elminster & Kelvin) got overcharged. Gower usually only charges 15.

The innkeeper admits, reluctantly under Phaedral’s persuasion, to an entrance in the basement. He’s willing to show the way but recommends rest, first. He’ll show the way in the morning, then. With those clues, Amber recalls the way to the temple, now that she’s closer.

The temple is about an hour away from Skullport, which is by the bay, about 3 levels under the mountain & a rough part of town. Amber will pray at midnight, in part asking for guidance about what to do with the 6 children. She doesn’t want to take them through a rough area but she thinks that they would be safe in the temple.

Amber has the kids with her while she prays, although she gives the gloaming the choice of whether to stay or visit with Rejanon. Violet thinks that Rej is scary and wants to stay with Amber. Amber explains that Rej doesn’t feel very well because his god died. Violet sweetly sympathizes with him on the death of Torm.

The others sleep, except for Rej, who’s on watch. Dratsab was tempted to watch but reluctantly decides that might interfere with the prayer. Rej tries to pace quietly in the hall, in full plate.

Just as Amber is about to pray she hears singing. So does everyone else. The source is indecipherable, but it’s in undercommon. It’s first prayers of the day of Eillistraee. Violet points out the window, ‘look, look.’

Silver ribbons of light emerge from the ground; moonbeams. Amber heard stories of this; if you have a strong enough priestess or a large & powerful enough congregation can call up these moonpaths. Any faithful can take the paths, along with anything that she’s touching. Rej and Phaedral go check on Amber and she tells everyone to collect their stuff and go. They arrange stabling for the horses and the gryphon before they leave.

She puts the kids on the rathe and grabs hold and tells everyone to hold hands. Amber’s wearing a robe, shoes, and her big sword; with her armor and other gear on the rathe. She heads for the nearest moonpath and everyone is whisked up in a whirlwind of silver light. [Chris asks if we all transform to Chrinos]

When they arrive there are several hundred drow, looking very shocked. They draw swords and ask, in undercommon, who we are. Amber introduces herself and announces that she is also a priestess, my friends who also need help, that she’d like to join in the worship, and she has 5 drow orphans & one gloaming (who also wants to join in the prayers).

Phaedral signs something about not killing any of them, yet. They put a guard on the group. Dratsab is quite happy with the view of the several hundred naked, dancing drow women. The children try to copy the dancing. Darvin draws pictures of the worshipping, including Eillistraee.

Afterward, a priestess talks to Eillistraee, who comes down to talk to Amber. Amber explains the situation. Eillistraee gently remonstrates the priestess for not being more forgiving, of Phaedral’s rudeness. Eillistraee kisses Drevin’s head, cause he’s all itchy. She leaves silver lip prints in his fur. She kisses Amber’s forehead, too. Both of them are healed of their ability damage.

She likes Drevin; he’s a good dog. Eillistraee puts her hand on Dratsab’s head, and she mentions that he’s been marked by someone else. She also mentions that she sees drow in his past & future; it’s good that Amber is trying to guide him down the proper path.

Amber asks about reaching the Pool of Loss. There’s a portal in a crypt not far away. The way there is safe, but the crypt itself is unknown. On Darvin’s request, she checks that Rej is really Rej. When she notes, puzzled, that he’s supposed to be about 7 years old, 4 words explains all (portal; 12 years; Elminster). She gives the route to the crypt to Phaedral and Amber.

Amber asks Eillistraee to bless her sword. The goddess dances with the nightblade and hands it back to her worshiper.

While Amber considers what should she ask from Dratsab, in return for being healed. Since he was marked by another god, Eillistraee could not heal him directly. In the end, she took into consideration that she worships a forgiving god and she just healed the tiefling. Rej mentions that he worships Torm; infractions have consequences.

Since Darvin needs to rest, they decide to wait before leaving. The drow offer an hour long breakfast (Hero’s Feast) and everyone is healed as well. Amber asks for arrows to replenish Phaedral’s supplies. Dratsab asks if Eillistraee can identify which god marked him. She says that yes, she can. When he asks if she’ll share the knowledge, she tells him that it’s a journey of discovery that he must take.

Amber spends a little time helping around the temple while the other rest. She leaves a note, sealed in a wall, ‘Amber Nightblade was here.’

Before they leave, they get some holy water, just in case they run into some undead. Amber gets a few scrolls, remove curse & remove disease. Amber asks the temple to retrieve her horse and lance from the inn and to care for them (and probably replace in 12 years when she comes back).

At the bottom of the stairs into the crypt, Dratsab finds a pit. He secures and goes left (not straight or right). Phaedral follows Dratsab and the pit lid flips open. At the bottom of the pit are spikes and dirty water. Dratsab stops at the door right next to the intersection while everyone else waits on the stairs. He checks the door; not trapped, not locked and he hears nothing in the room, but he hears loud shuffling noises from the other two nearby doors (clanking from the straight ahead door & shuffling from the door on the right). He searches those two doors and checks the locks.

The group sets up in front of the door with the clanking. Dratsab resets the pit trap, Darvin on one side (left), Rej and then Amber on the other side, with Phaedral on the other side of the pit, ready to shoot and his dog behind him. Darvin opens the door & flies up. Inside are two large scorpion critters with electricity arcing on their tails.

1)Dratsab delays. The two things attack Dratsab through the door. One claw grabs the tiefling. Dratsab immediately wriggles to escape the claw’s grib and he squirms out. He immediately flies out of the room and the other one attacks him, but misses around the corner. Rej delays because he can’t get into the room. Phaedral shoots the clanking scorpion with adamantine arrows, and all three hit the same one, damaging it considerably (½ hp). Darvin shifts his weapon to adamantine. Amber squeezes into the space with Rej and learns that Soundburst does nothing to these creatures.

2)Draco 1 attacks the tiefling who hits the creature once with his disruption admanantine mace, channeling eldritch blast through it. Then he flies behind Phaedral, tumbling. The other one delays. Rejanon leaves the space with Amber watches the near door and the hall behind them. Phaedral, without a clear shot, suggests that someone just close the door and they all go around that room. Darvin shuts the door and the door (shuffling noise) opens next to Rej and yells ‘be quiet!’ It’s a huge two-headed troll-looking thing, holding a large humanoid leg. “Eating. Quiet!” Rej moves past the door, away from Amber. Amber quietly says, ‘we’ll work on that,’ as she goes down the (left) corridor. Whatever kind of troll it is, Phaedral says that it’s not native to the Underdark. Someone comes around the corner not far from Rejanon, looking surprised to see anyone. It appears to be an animated suit of armor.

3)Dratsab follows Amber, ‘cause she’s a cute naked chick, at least in our minds,’ searching for traps. He sees another suit of armor, also looking surprised. Phaedral follows along and readies to shoot anything hostile coming down the hall. Darvin casts a Ray of Enfeeblement on the troll and also follows Amber. The troll drops the leg, claws and bites at Rej. One bites clamps onto the paladin (11 hp), other head says, “stupid.” Rej closes the door on the troll and follows everyone else. Amber passes the side corridor with the armor.

4)Armor steps forward to attack Amber around the corner and one blow of the great sword hits, almost removing the health from the Hero’s Feast (11 hp). The other suit charges Rejanon, hitting the pit but hovers over it. It hits the paladin (18 hp). Dratsab joins Amber, still flying 5’ off the floor, and attacks the armor that attacked the half-drow, hovering. He channels more eldritch blast into the armor, magic works again. Phaedral circles around behind the armor while his dog checks further down the hall, at the other corner. Phaedral shoots the armor and the shot blows through into the door behind it (into the scorpion room). Darvin steps and assists Rej with his adamantine spiked chain, but misses with both swings. Troll yells “Quiet” and keeps chewing. Rej suggests that they move the fight farther from the troll and sets his sword to adamantine. He then retreats back around the corner, farther from the troll. Amber hits the armor twice with her black metal sword around the corner.

5)Armor steps to swing at Phaedral but misses. The other suit attacks Darvin, hitting him both times (crits do not confirm though). Dratsab floats over and attacks the armor, mace hitting with both swings. Phaedral swiftly casts Arrow Mind and shoots the armor again, but none of the arrows hit. He steps away from it. Darvin wraps his chain around the armor’s greatsword and for a moment they pull at each other until Darvin pulls the sword away from it. Darvin backs up a step and his whip snakes out again but misses. Rej goes under Dratsab to hit the damaged armor. Amber goes to the hall and tells Darvin to lead the armor towards her.

6)Armor without its sword backs up and pulls out a crossbow to shoot at Darvin but misses. The other one hits Rejanon twice, once critically. Dratsab’s stirges void on Rejanon as the tiefling hits the armor once, barely. Phaedral shoots at the armor again but not a many shot. The arrow hits and the armor falls to pieces. The blow through hits Rej, so the paladin falls, but Phaedral doesn’t see as he moved down the hall and around a corner. Darvin picks up the armor’s dropped greatsword. Rej bleeds as Amber reaches him and casts cure moderate wounds (max because she’s within a mile of her goddess, 20 hp).

Back to Waterdeep with the Rescued Children
fighting undead juju zombie treant blightspawn

29 June 08 Forgotten Realms No Rejanon

Dratsab thinks that the two drow were merchants and that the wagon is full of trade goods; wine, magic items and children. Rejanon uses the Merrydale function of the sword to free the children. Also in the wagon are 2 crates of cure light potions, crate of cure light wounds wands, and 3 casks of underdark elf wine. The children have chafe marks on their necks and wrists.

The little gloaming child says that drow steal the shadow magic of her people to hide themselves. Phaedral suggests that she learn how to steal the shadow magic back. She looks intrigued by this. The gloaming says to call her ‘Violet.’ The half-drow says to call them Vorn (boy), Zarra, Myrymma, & Irae. Violet isn’t the gloaming’s real name, it’s just what they called her. Introductions all around.

Camp overnight & then plan to travel on in the morning. Watches overnight; Darvin hears strange rustling noises outside the gate. Outside, he can see the skeletons of the trampled bunnies are animating. They throw themselves against the gate; they sound horrible but are ineffective. Rejanon goes out to battle them but doesn’t come back. Outside the gate are fields of snow marked by positive energy blasts.

The kids shelter under the tarp in the wagon, as the light hurts Violet’s eyes. We continue toward Waterdeep. Yoke the ghost rathe to pull the wagon, since the giant tortoise is no longer there to do. The half-drow children like the sunlight. Violet likes the snow but she shelters under the tarp, to get out of the sunlight. The surroundings are still odd; in places the snow is purple (not yellow) and there’s burgundy grass sometimes; just like Dratsab’s hair. Dratsab’s hair length is inversely proportional to the grass length.

About midday, everyone but Phaedral see a line of large, white wolves, marching, in pairs, cresting the hill and coming towards us. There are are 10 pairs (20 of them). There are comments about the things in Dratsab’s hair. The wolves appear to be growling in cadence. When they reach the party, they split & go around the group. They look like winter wolves, but they aren’t acting like winter wolves. One of the last wolves ask Drevin (in canine) if the cooshee wants to join them on their quest; strike against the Darkpaw clan, over the ridge. He decides that Phaedral needs him and wishes them luck.

Dratsab hair reverts to normal and the burgundy grass subsides. A stone building, shaded by trees, is visible along the road. It’s an inn that looks deserted. The building looks burned out and the roof partially caved. The inn had been called the Roosting Gryphon but the sign’s been trampled. The second floor has collapsed, too. Whisps of smoke still rise from the ruins. Darvin spots things floating in the river behind the inn. He heads off to investigate while Dratsab casts Detect Magic. The bodies are livestock that were burned, slaughtered, and then dumped into the water. Dratsab wanders around, looking for anything magic. He sees nothing outside the inn, except for his own group.

Darvin uses some rope to pull the bodies to the other shore of the river. Amber follows Dratsab into the inn. The stair leads to empty air as the 2nd, wood, story burned away. The 1st floor was stone and remains. One intact wood table near the stairs has 2 chairs pulled up. There’s a body in one chair & both it & the table radiate magic faintly. The man is short, portly, wearing an apron and slumped over the table. He radiates necromantic but it’s fading. Amber expects him to animate as she approaches. He looks like he was killed by a sword blow, from under the table, but there’s no sign of blood. Pools of melted copper & silver are on the charred floor. It looks like Cyric and that [expletive deleted] sword have already been here. Phaedral finds Cyric’s prints outside; here after the inn burned, or maybe a little bit before. The prints are in ash & headed for Waterdeep. While looking for more tracks, he finds stone stairs in the back, leading down into storage. It’s been raided but not emptied. Phaedral also finds tracks of gaunts and nightriders, about the same time. It looks like the undead arrived at the inn first. Unable to tell whether they left together or not.

While Dratsab searches the table, chair, etc, Amber digs a grave for the dead innkeeper (now headless corpse). The table and chair were somehow protected from the heat as the inn was burning. There is no blood there. Man definitely killed by a short sword and stripped of anything valuable. The bodies are sprinkled with holy water by Amber before they are covered and she says blessings over them.

Phaedral calls Dratsab down to check the cellar, too. Everything metal above ground melted. Also, five skeletal burned body scattered about the common room. The bodies are buried separately from the heads. Phaedral puts the surviving table & chairs (total worth about 5 gp) onto the wagon. He also puts the remaining food & wine into the wagon. Dratsab gets about 12 gold worth of melted metal scraped up off the floor.

Make camp (the kids thinks that it’s creepy) in the inn’s cellar and fix food for everyone. The usual watches are held overnight. Nothing odd happens overnight, other than the usual wild magic hijinks (rain of fish, that swim inland through the snow). Some of the fish that didn’t make it become breakfast.

Finally, only another day’s travel to reach Waterdeep. The day is filled with wild magic oddities but that’s all. The leaves and sticks on the tree fly up and, honking, fly overhead in a vee formation. Rocks rise up out of the ground and float in circles, like a stony ballet. The honking leaves/sticks veer off to either side.

Amber rides Noon (her heavy warhorse) alongside the wagon, with Dawn, her light warhorse behind, as Phaedral leads the way. Darvin rides his gryphon over the rathe as Dratsab flies just above the wagon.

The leaves go to ‘populate’ otherwise 4 bare trees near the side of the road. On two trees the leaves attach and keep waving, but on the two near trees the leaves shrivel instead. That’s not natural.

Amber gets the rathe to stop and tells the kids to stay back, just in case. And be prepared to run; it might be something hostile or just more wild magic weirdness.

1)Dratsab flies up another 30’ and casts See Invisibility, and is successful. As a side effect, the trees on either side of him are pulled up into the air about 30’, turn upside down and fall to the ground. Amber rides forward, trying to draw an attack, if there is one. Darvin flies by her. Phaedral readies to shoot hostile tree creatures, then as one moves he shoots at the one in front, but his arrow bounces. The tree creature (with living leaves) comes out and swipes at her. Its match also swipes at her. The nearest undead treant attacks the half-drow but both swipes miss. Its match manages to hit Phaedral with both swings of its branches.
2)Dratsab charges the last one, getting hit by the op as he closes and he’s poisoned. His mace blow connects but does not do any damage. Amber hits the near undead treant with both blades but misses with her second nightblade blow. Darvin casts Ray of Enfeeblement on the treant beyond the undead one that she hit. Phaedral shoots the two nearer tree creatures, using blow-through, triggering his arrow-mind at the same time. One of the treants runs underneath Dratsab to attack Phaedral. Dratsab whaps it with the mace but not for any damage. The treant misses Phaedral. The undead treant swings at Dratsab but only hits once. It feels sucky again. The weakened treant almost crits Amber (fails to confirm due to weakness) as its undead partner almost hits her.
3)Dratsab continues to attack the undead treant, hoping that his disruption mace will destroy it. He misses with both swings. Amber repeats her attack on the undead treant, her melee partner. Darvin hits the other treant with a Ray of Enfeeblement. The fires from Phaedral’s arrows burn the treants. He shoots the same two, twice, and the treant with the 3rd arrow. She kills the treant, leaving his undead treant partner. The other undead treant swipes Amber once. The other does the same. The blow feels sucky, in an unnatural way. The last one manages to whip branches over Phaedral twice.
4)Dratsab continues to attack the undead treant, now directly underneath him. Mace hits both time and on the second blow the undead treant is destroyed. Phaedral is relieved. Amber’s larger blade bites into the blightspawn treant, as she realizes that the pair are juju zombie blightspawn treants which have animated the other two treants. Phaedral believes that they are native to the far East (Aglarond), not the snows near Waterdeep. Darvin uses his spiked chain to slash into the treant, nicking it. His gryphon claws it and rakes it. Phaedral activates his hammer sphere to attack the blightspawn Amber’s been hitting. It works, flowers fall and a maniacal laugh fills the air. Drevin goes to help Amber and gets hit by the blightspawn. The treant thwaps the gryphon with both branches. The blightspawn attacks Amber and hits her twice. Amber is left unconscious and bleeding in the saddle.
5)Dratsab flies toward Amber, who bleeds. Noon retreats, carrying her away, and the tree misses him. Darvin and his gryphon continues to attack the treant. On the chance that she’s still alive, Phaedral rides over to Amber and taps her with a cure light wounds wand as he whistles for Drevin. The cooshee retreats as the hammer sphere pounds on the blightspawn. The treant misses Darvin and his gryphon. The gloaming flies over to Amber and pours a cure light wounds potion down Amber’s throat. The half-drow regains consciousness. The juju zombie misses Dratsab & Darvin.
6)The tiefling, fighting defensively, approaches the juju zombie and hits it once. The mace destroys the zombie. Amber casts cure moderate on herself, a large scream fills the air as she casts. Darvin and his gryphon continue their attacks on the treant. Phaedral moves the hammer sphere to attack the treant and destroys it.
After healing, continue to Waterdeep.

Within bowshot of the city, see flights of lance-wielding riders mounted on gryphons. Lots of guards in full plate guard the city gate. Phaedral asks if Cyric has been through (that jerk with the nasty sword) and since we’re evidently no friends of Cyric’s they’ll let us into the city. The two officers ask about name & business; Amber presents the Purple Dragon writ (hoping that they have a good relationship). Phaedral asks about temples. We need healing from some powerful cleric due to the encounter with the juju zombie blightspawn. He recommends the Promenade, Ellistraee’s temple, but he doesn’t know where it is. Amber can’t remember how to get there, but it’s through Skullport. Eillistraee is in residence in the temple. Darvin knows that blightspawn creatures infect others to spread the blight. The one infected loses more and more identity until transformed to blightspawn or die.

The guards have a message for the group; people waiting to see them in Blackstaff Tower. However, that can wait until after visiting the temple. There might be a guide at the Yawning Portal Inn that will be able to lead the way to the temple. Ask for a dwarf named Gower. If someone has not already hired the dwarf, he should be able to lead the way.

The group heads to secure lodgings at the Yawning Portal Inn.

Leaving Waterdeep aka Attack of the Underbunnies
Look, we found Amber

4 May 08
Forgotten Realms
Amber is under a tarp, with 4 part-drow children and 1 gloaming child in chains. The gloaming is quite bright & hurting everyone’s eyes but quickly, frightened, turns down the light when Amber asks. The gloaming is scared of the dark & of drow. [Amber’s darkvision also reaches 60’ farther]

Meanwhile, Dratsab asks the sword for its name. It replies: Razorsedge. Everyone else is ready to leave. Once he’s gotten his answer they head south, away from Waterdeep. Since Phaedral is the only one with a good sense of direction, they just follow him. Once they’ve travelled about 15 minutes, he casts Pass Without Trace on everyone as they make a big curving u-turn to circle around the dead body & the glowing sword that could see which way they went. On the second try, he successfully casts the spell and Heals everyone. And the sun briefly flickers in the sky; did it wink?

Dratsab mutters to Ao in the tablets. Darvin knows that Ao does not live in the tablets but doesn’t bother to correct the tiefling.

Back at the half-drow, Amber can hear the undercommon speakers talking about putting “George” – common Drow name – on guard. One whiny voice says that they should post watches because they have valuable cargo. You can almost hear the rolling eyes as someone replies that George will be fine and ‘you need your rest, you now how you get without your rest.’ Then someone slaps the tarp telling the gloaming to shut it off and she blinks out. Amber squirms in the spidersilk ropes as she tries to escape them.

Amber almost gets out of the ropes but not quite. The kids indicate that silence and stillness is a good idea. They’re frightened.

Back at the rest of the group: Darvin & Rejanon recognize the nearby castle as Dragonspear Castle. The outer walls are in ruins and the castle was once inhabited by monsters, until a group of heroes cleared it out. There are still some internal walls intact. It has been snowing off and on and there’s ice on the ground. As they past the forest, a big wave of heat pours over them. It does not melt the ice but it is followed by a purple mist rising from the ground. Swarms of tiny, fluffy bunnies emerge from the mist and the entire group heads for the castle. Dratsab takes off into flight. The bunnies appear to be running fright but they are biting everything in their path. The mist dissipates and there are more bunnies running out of a crack in the ground.

There are about 25 bunnies in everyone’s square.
SR) Darvin reflexively slices into them as they overwhelm, until he only has 20. Four bunnies are killed when they bite at Rej’s backpack. [Rosemary is overwhelmed by laughter at the thought of bunnies attacking, boiling up from the snow]. Everyone except Dratsab is scratched by bunny claws [1 pt of damage] and takes a little damage from their cold, cold fur [he has cold resistance, too]. They are apparently underbunnies because Phaedral gets his minions of Lolth benefits.

1)Darvin mounts his gryphon and they take off, up forty feet. Bunnies drop off behind him. Bunnies continue to swarm, clawing and biting cold. Rejanon tries to invoke his ring of flight. He goes up in the air drawing his sword, but the bunnies with him are also in flight but there are only 17 as the daggers kill four more. Dratsab grabs a bunny to put it into the stirge cage. The bunnies bite him but he doesn’t care. Phaedral casts Speak with Animals (after considering pulling his bow and trying to clear a path with blow-through) from his wand. For 30’ around, the bunnies fly up ten feet as gravity reverses. But the charge for the spell remains and not cast. Everyone falls down and the bunnies are woozy but conscious. Phaedral heads for the Dragonspear.

2)Darvin flies over Phaedral and he kills one of the new bunnies around the elf. Razorwing brushes bunnies off. The bunnies continue to claw and freeze people but there are no more bunnies coming out ahead of the group; they are all coming from the snow behind the group. Rej’s daggers kill four more and he kills two more as five more continue on their way. Dratsab grabs another bunny to feed the stirges. They start sucking. He also heads toward helping Phaedral, who manages to successfully cast Speak with Animals from his wand. He tells them to head for the castle, ‘there’s safety there.’ The bunnies are screaming ‘run away, run away.’ His words calm them a little. They don’t like Dratsab & he tells them to bite the stirges. He continues to run toward the castle.

3)Darvin brushes more bunnies off Razorwing. Half the lapines tumble to the ground as he reaches into the outer wall. Dratsab notices that the bunnies are looking him. Bunnies leap at the tiefling, trying to reach him. One successfully reaches and bites, doing no damage (not cold iron teeth). The bunny gnaws, hanging off. Rejanon brushes off bunnies, too, as he notices that it’s more effective. He gets rid of two as the flying daggers kill off the other four. Dratsab follows everyone else to the ‘wretched castle.’ Phaedral continues toward the castle, momentarily suspicious that they have the taint of Lolth (it’s not them, it was just the crack in the ground). There is no gate in the outer wall, there’s one in the inner wall. The gate is open and will take two people to close it. The bunny sea is parting for the woodland elf.
4)Squirrels in the forest start attacking the bunnies. Dratsab doesn’t want to go to the castle but it’s getting dark. Darvin finishes brushing off bunnies. The bunny hero (Hazel?) crit bites Dratsab but still does no damage. Rejanon is bunny-free, he heads for the castle at full speed. Dratsab enters the castle outer wall, even though he has a funny feeling that something bad is going to happen in the castle. Darvin convinces the bunnies to stop biting the lizard so he’ll stop biting them. The bunnies are tapering off and they do not seem to want to enter the castle. Darvin and Drevin are inside the outer walls. The bunnies say there the inner part was full of scary, bad people & they don’t go there. Rejanon goes toward the keep, too.
5)Squirrels pelt the bunnies with nuts. Half the bunnies head for the squirrels and the other half head toward Dratsab. Three bunnies are gnawing at Dratsab. He monologues at them. Darvin moves toward the castle. Phaedral follows him, telling the bunnies to attack the stirge cage. Rejanon flies toward the castle.

6)Darvin lands to start pushing the inner gate closed. The hiding under-desert [underground] tortoise attacks him, biting, and it roars. Amber hears it from upstairs. Darvin does not make it to the ground. One of the voices says ‘crap, ‘George’ is sounding the alarm, someone must be coming.’ Whiny voice: “wait, let me activate my ring.” then, “C’mon Lolth.” Other voice “D* it, stop glitterdusting us” and then he leaves. Whiny voice keeps trying to activate his ring. Darvin strikes back at the tortoise but misses. He flies back 5’. Bunnies scream and flee. Rejanon continues to fly toward the castle, ending next to Darvin. Dratsab double flies toward the castle, reaching the outer wall. Whiny ‘good it finally worked.’ Gloaming girl peaks out from under the tarp & whispers, ‘he’s gone’. The kids start assisting Amber to get out of the ropes. Amber escapes the ropes with their help. Phaedral hides behind the wall to shoot at the tortoise once, but misses. Unable to trample anyone, the tortoise takes a step to bite the priest, Darvin.

7)Darvin thinks that he sees some movement by the inner building. Rejanon thinks that it’s someone in armor coming out the door. Darvin backs up five feet and casts Ray of Enfeeble to reduce the tortoise’s strength by five. Bunnies scream and scamper. Rejanon flies up and then down to reach the tortoise from above, getting bit as he comes within range. The paladin misses (complete whiff). Dratsab flies forward and then eldritch blasts the tortoise, using his Eldritch spear to reach it (250’ range on his spell). Amber searches for any of her blades. The kids say that the captors have chests with potions & wands, maybe the weapons are in there. They have a big turtle, as big as a mountain. Amber is in an under room with some rotted casks and some whole ones. She finds her bastard sword in a crate but continues to look for her short sword. The two drow maneuver. Phaedral shoots the tortoise once, the other two shots miss. The riding lizard moves to be less in the gate opening. He’s alarmed by the tortoise, too. Unable to reach the Mystran priest, it bites the paladin. It backs up, provoking an attack from the same paladin, who misses again. Someone casts windwall across the gate opening, across paladin, too.

8)Darvin again touches the tortoise with the ray and drains more strength from it. Then the monk/priest flies through the wind wall and into the courtyard, and up to 30’ off the ground. He spots the plate-mailed female drow. Rejanon goes up to Darvin to ask if he can weaken the tortoise any more. Dratsab repeats what he did last time he moved but the spell rebounds on himself. Amber looks for her short sword, to cut the children free of their chains. Whiny moves, invisibly, across the courtyard. Phaedral to draw the op and the cusidhe gets bitten. Phaedral follows and gets beyond the wind wall, triggering his arrow mind spell and shoots at the big reptile. The tortoise tramples the elf, who tries to leap out of the way. Drevin also tries to leap out of the way. Phaedral triggers the collar of healing on Drevin, to heal the damage the tortoise had just done. The bunnies are panicking and swarming over the horses and the lizard again. The female drow moves again, starts casting a summoning spell.

9)Darvin and his gryphon fly over to the drow woman and he lightning bolts her & her tortoise. The spell fizzles out on the drow, and both the tortoise and Drevin dodge it. Rejanon flies until he’s above the tortoise, out of its reach and uses his ability to cast Daylight. The drow are blinded for a round. Dratsab moves and zaps again. This time his eldritch blast pelts the tortoise, and the area around it, with fiery red blossoms. Amber gives up the search and heads for the stairs. The invisible, male, drow remains in place. Since he’s been pelted with flowers, Phaedral shoots the female drow, hitting her once (but she’s stone-skinned, so it does less damage). She continues casting. Drevin goes out to watch the horses and get the bunnies to leave the other animals alone. A dire wolf appears next to the drow and leaps at Darvin but misses. The drow pulls a wand and uses it to cast lesser vigor on herself. The tortoise moves to snap at Darvin.

10)Darvin dismounts from the gryphon and reaches the drow and casts Balor’s Nimbus, but he still remembers the essence of the spell (retains charge). Razorwing bites and claws the dire wolf. Rejanon flies closer to the cleric and starts to use the Sword of the Dales to attack her. He recognizes the effects of Stoneskin on her so he instead converts the blade to adamantine. Dratsab just flies toward the fight. Amber exits the inner castle and gives her speech, in undercommon, to the two drow. The invisible one comes up behind the dire wolf and does something. No one sees him. Phaedral moves and many shots the female drow, the wolf & the tortoise, using adamantine-tipped arrows. He definitely wounds the drow and badly hurts the wolf. The dazzled drow provokes both the paladin and the monk as she tries to pass through her tortoise. The monk’s chain grabs her and she stays in place. She takes damage from the monk’s aura (Balor’s nimbus). The babau slime on the drow eats into the monk. The wolf circles the gryphon, getting clawed and popped before he reaches the priest. The tortoise tramples Whiny on his way to try and trample Darvin & Phaedral. Whiny dodges out of the way and the tortoise can’t quite reach Phaedral. Darvin fails to dodge out of the way. Oddly the drow druid did not take any damage.

11)Darvin’s maintains her hold, doing little damage to her. But his aura burns at her. She goes limp. He does, too, at -1 hp. Rejanon hovers next to Darvin and defensively casts Cure Minor Wounds on him to stabilize him (& he’s conscious at 0 hp). Dratsab flies through the wind walk, lands and into the courtyard. Amber tells the others about the invisible drow as she provokes the tortoise and misses it. Whiny passes the gryphon, who smells him, as he reaches Amber & the tortoise. Phaedral’s phoenix arrow burns the drow druid again (another 3 hp). Phaedral shoots through the turtle, missing it, but hit the drow behind it all three times. The drow dies without actually accomplishing anything. Turtle grabs the druid’s body & burrows away. Amber and Phaedral miss. – Amber suggests that if Dratsab is so concerned about the disappearing loot, he should follow them. She has swords to look for and children to free.

12)Darvin carefully stands up. Rejanon casts Cure Minor on Darvin & everyone floats up 5’ and then falls down. Dratsab reaches the hole left by the turtle. Amber briefly considers following the tortoise but goes back to help the children. Phaedral casts Speak with Animals to talk to the tortoise, telling it that we’ll help his mistress if he brings her back. If he just leaves, she might die. Phaedral convinces the turtle to trust him; the elf will jump into the hole and everyone else will stay up in the courtyard. Turtle asks about Whiny Butt.
Dratsab casts See Invisibility to search the dead drow, still remembering the spell. Then he casts Detect Magic, hitting Phaedral with it. Phaedral tests dead body with CLW wand – yep, he’s sincerely dead.

Working together they find a magic ring – Greater Invis, 2 different potions (Eagle Splendor & Cure Moderate Wounds), +2 magic black leather armor, +1 magic rapier, MW short bow, and 20 arrows. While Dratsab is trying to peel the armor off the body, Phaedral goes down to heal the druid and take her easily removed magic items (3 lesser vigor wands, different wand [turtle’s comment means it’s Endure Elements, so he doesn’t take it & also leaves one vigor wand], ring of Evasion, ring of protection +1, takes her spell component pouch, pouch of magical pearls – 6 1st lvl, 6 2nd lvl, 2 3rd lvl, 2 4th lvl, & 2 5th lvl)
It takes two tries and he manages to heal her to 0, with her weapons still above. Phaedral tells her in Undercommon ‘you have another chance at living a good life. Maybe you should find another line of work. We have an understanding with the turtle, you’ll leave taking the body with you. My friend is willing to give you a chance to change your ways and worship Ellistraee.” But the drow goes ‘Lolth is here, are you nuts? She’d know’ They part ways with Phaedral suggesting that the turtle could probably eat one of Whiny Butt’s hands, or maybe a little more). The dead guy had the signet ring for the royal family of Myrmidia.

Meanwhile, the paladin and half-drow go check on the children.

Heading for Bone Run Pass
Bone Run Pass, fight

Rosemary’s game 9 March 08 w/ Rejanon, Dratsab, Phaedral, Darvin, & Amber
The clerics pray and then the group heads for Bone Run. Darvin flies scout on his griffon, Skytalon. Dratsab also flies but not scouting ahead (or overhead).

The Pass is narrow and covered with scattered bones. The walls are lined with bones, too. Darvin can see that loose rocks overhead about to fall on the party in the pass. He yells down a warning as the rocks fall down. Phaedral’s lizard gets hit in the head, among other blows. Drevin evades the bouncing rocks. Two rocks hit Moonshadow in the head and he’s knocked unconscious. He takes Amber down when he falls and she gets hurt more by that than by the rock that hit her. She casts cure light wounds on her horse to wake him up.

Three rocks hit Kelemvor but they do nothing to him. A rock hits Midnight, too. Darvin checks for sign of any malicious intent in the rock fall. It was a natural event. While the rest of the party does some healing, Darvin checks the back trail for any other groups of people. Amber uses up her first level spells healing people and her horse.

A couple hours later, the pass walls have gotten up 50’ above the floor of the pass. Dratsab flies at or just below the lip of the canyon with Darvin another 30’ or so up. Everyone but Phaedral hear the stirge swarms as they fly in to attack. Darvin sees them in the trees at the top of the pass.

1)Amber ready to cast Soundburst at the first of the flying buggers that she sees, recognizing that sound. Adon wonders why Amber is cussing and she replies, ‘stirges.’ He rustles in his bag for something. Rejanon readies to attack the little buggers. Phaedral pulls his bow in one hand & his hammer sphere in the other as he rides ahead. Dratsab readies to speechify the stirges. Darvin casts Balor’s Fire and pulls out his spiked chain. Kelemvor pulls his sword as Midnight starts casting. Two swarms envelop Darvin as his chain misses. Dratsab “Oh stirge brothers, this is Dratsab, your protector and would-be deity. These are not worthy prey. I have provided juicy prey behind us. Beat wing to reach them.” Or words to that effect. Some of the swarms listen and fly away. The ones that were about to attack Amber, Rejanon & Darvin fly down the pass towards the group following. That leaves four attacking. Darvin op’s one swarm with his chain as it flies up to attack him. Amber’s spell hits the swarm nearest her, dinking them and stunning them.
2)Amber pulls her black metal sword to slash pieces of the swarm. Adon also hits the same swarm, with a vial of acid, dispersing that swarm. Rejanon readies to attack the incoming swarm. Phaedral triggers the hammer sphere which whaps the swarm closest to him, dispersing it. But the side effects heals the first dispersed swarm. Dratsab casts Daylight on a copper piece before dropping the coin to the floor of the pass, trying to discourage the attack. The earth underfoot trembles. He descends closer to the rest of the party. Amber cusses and sarcastic, ‘thanks, Dratsab.’ Darvin disperses another swarm. Kelemvor moves and readies to hit one of the last swarms. Midnight chants. The recovering swarm decides to leave, thinking that Dratsab healed them. The rearmost swarm is hit by Rejanon & Kelemvor, which disperses them. Everyone rides through, quickly, leaving the fallen stirges behind them. Dratsab stabilizes some of them and then catches up. He manages to collect a female for breeding purposes.

Towards dusk, Darvin finds caves in the upper reaches for a campsite. Using griffon, paladin ring of flight & Dratsab, people are ferried up to the cave that Phaedral selected. While camp is being set, Darvin flies back half an hour looking for the other group.

He sees a large group moving slowly up the Bone Run. They are a few hours behind the party and they are fighting the stirge swarms. Cyric’s second-in-command seems unconcerned and goes to sleep in his tent, leaving his followers to fight off the swarms. Darvin watches briefly before returning to the camp.

First watch, Rejanon is kept awake (& tense) by Dratsab’s plans for the church of Dratsab & stirges. 2nd watch is Amber while Phaedral is on 3rd with Darvin. Rocks pass by the cave entrance, twice.

Phaedral notices that the other group passed in the night. They pressed on overnight.

Darvin flies up and ahead, scouting for dangers. Dratsab flies overhead. Phaedral and Amber look for any signs of trouble and traps that they might have set. Finally, the tracks suddenly disperse. Phaedral thinks that they might have gone up the walls to camp in caves. Darvin spots several caves that might have Cyric’s people in them. He sees signs of movement, deep within, deep enough to make it difficult to see what’s back there.

The party lines up and Phaedral tries to cover their tracks. Cyric’s people have shown no sign of tracking but why take chances. He casts Pass tTrace on the rathe, the lizard and the heavy warhorse.

They travel for hours with no difficulties. Darvin spots winged creatures in the distance. He can tell that they are griffons, twelve of them, heading for the party. He tells Dratsab before flying off to intercept them. Dratsab relays the information.

Darvin has the jump on the griffons and he calls greetings, “I am one of the liberators of the griffons from the Zentils. We are merely passing through and do not seek to disturb any of yours. We want only to go to the other side.”

The griffons want food, they have babies to feed and the group has horses. Darvin tells the griffons where to find the Zentil camp. They might still be asleep. He tries to talk them out of attacking the party, who’s awake and ready, to attack the unsuspecting army, who has more yummy horses, too. He even offers to help.

The group & the griffons looks for an ambush site. Take enough time to weaken Cyric’s group and provide dead horses for the griffons to grab. There’s no sign of Cyric in the battle. About half the group is disabled or killed and most of the horses are grabbed by the griffons. Cyric’s 2nd- in command, Dalzhel, survives.

The griffons are very thankful and willing to help Darvin and Skytalon and their friends anytime. They will tell the rest of the griffons as well. They warn about the big, black wall at the end of the pass. People go in & don’t come back. If you don’t use the wall, it’s a high climb. They don’t touch it, it’s scary.

They also warn: more two-legs ahead, too, about half-dozen or so. They are very sneaky. The griffons grabbed a couple dogs but they hurt the griffons. They also tell Darvin about a grassy hollow near the mountains, not extremely far from their nests, when he asks. He has a plan to drive horses there and trap them there for the griffons.

The group continues down the pass, looking for ambushes, traps once Darvin passes on the warning. Dratsab keeps his eyes open but he doesn’t see any traps. Phaedral keeps his eyes open for ambushes.

Almost everyone sees the 9 people waiting, hiding under piles of bones. It almost at the end of the Bone Run and the 100’ tall, 125’ wide black wall is visible. They are hiding in caves, 25’ and 40’ up. The cliff wall rises up 100’ (so the black wall blocks it perfectly).

SR) Phaedral triggers the hammer sphere at one of the foes in a higher cave, which hits. Phaedral’s lizard begins climbing the wall. Drevin hides in a corner of the pass. Darvin and Skytalon fly past the ambush to come on the other side. Dratsab goes invisible and flies to the higher cave on the right. Rejanon invokes his ring of flight. Amber casts spiritual weapon which hits herself. There’s a faint snicker to be heard, some guy. Midnight rides forward (5’) and tucks into a corner of the wall as she starts chanting. Adon pulls out his crossbow. Kelemvor draws his sword.
1)Cyric appears to stab Rejanon in the back, with his glowing red sword. The hammer sphere crits the ambusher and then hits again. At the same time Phaedral shoots Cyric, despite the cover provided by the paladin, but only once. His lizard climbs further. Drevin snaps at Cyric but misses. Darvin flies above the center of the pass, and down to 30’ above the pass floor. Dratsab calls to Amber, ‘redirect your weapon at Cyric, before he goes invisible’ as he tries to cast See Invisibility and move to get charge line on the assassin, from behind. His See Invisibility instead heals those within 30’, basically the heavily wounded ambusher. The ambushers on the left, both the 2 in the 40’ cave & the 2 in the 25’ cave, stand up. For one that provokes an op from Darvin, which misses. They all step back and drink a potion. Rejanon’s mount kicks Cyric as the paladin hits with the Sword of the Dales. The paladin flies back, off his horse, 5’. Amber redirects her spiritual sword which misses Cyric as she draws her material swords. The other ambushers stand up and shoot. They miss Darvin, Skytalon, Phaedral, and Amber. Two large thorny/spiny 4-legged things burrow up out of the bones by Cyric. They block Dratsab’s charge to his disgust. One makes an odd chiming noise and everyone within 30’, who’s wearing metal, has to worry about keeping their feet. Kelemvor falls down, and Dratsab is knocked prone in midair. The other one targets Drevin but misses. Midnight chants and moves away from the new arrivals, which are not Cyric’s allies but simply hungry. Adon moves forward and shoots at an ambusher. Kelemvor stands up & picks up his sword.
2)Cyric tumbles through the paladin’s warhorse to reach Rejanon and then try to grab Rejanon’s bag. As he grabs for the bag, the three guardian daggers attack Cyric. Rejanon yells. Phaedral’s last arrow burns Cyric as the elf shoots at him again. Darvin flies down the pass to hover over Kelemvor and knocks the bag out of the assassin’s hands. Phaedral’s hammer hits the ambusher again. Dratsab stands in the air & then flies up & out of the Lodestone Marauders’ reach, towards Cyric. The four ambushers on the left delay. Rejanon grabs the bag off the ground as his mount attacks Cyric again. Cyric ops the paladin. Rejanon slings the bag back onto his shoulder. Amber’s force sword misses as she dismounts and joins the attacks on Cyric. She calls back, “Adon, yell if you need help.” The other 5 ambushers shoot; two hit Adon, one hits Phaedral, one misses the elf & one hits the lizard. The marauder chimes again, knocking down everyone but Rejanon & Cyric, (& invisible flying Dratsab). The other one bites Drevin and chews on the armor. Then it claws the dog a couple times. Midnight continues chanting & calls for everyone to join her & get out. Adon shoots and hits an ambusher. The other ambushers come off delay and three shoot Adon, knocking him into the wall; making him disappear. One hits Midnight. Kelemvor picks up his sword, gets op’ed, but attacks Cyric from prone. Kelemvor is dinked but misses anyway.

Coming up the pass, running and galloping are the remnants of Cyric’s army. They look terrified, running away from something, and screaming.


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