Amber Nightsword

Ellistraee sword dancer drow


Levels: 1/2 drow 1/Fighter 4/Cleric 4/Sword-dancer 2
Str 18…..Int 15…...Fort 12
Dex 22…..Wis 18…...Ref 11
Con 14…..Cha 14…...Will 11 or 13 (w/ sword +3 vs mind affects

AC 27, 29 vs. Melee partner
98 HP
Init 6
Fighting stats:
black metal (cold iron & silver) bastard sword & adamantine short sword, two-weapon fighter
Bastard sword: 17/12; dmg d10+6; cold iron, silver, +1, flaming, vermin bane, elf bane, & 3/day blessed
Short sword: 14/9; dmg d6+5; adamantine, +1, blessed 3/day w/ both swords: Bastard swd 15/10 & sht swd 12/7 & +2 AC
Special Qualities
Dark Vision 180’, low light vision, Dancing Lights/Darkness/Faerie Fire 1/day, -1 reaction to Bright light, +1 save vs. Enchantment, Immune to Sleep, Spell Resistance 11
Feats: Drow Eyes, Exotic Wpn (1H b’d swd), 2-wpn ftg, Exotic wpn: hand crossbow [racial], Twin Swd style, Dodge, Combat Expertise, Wpn Focus B’d swd, Skill focus: perform

Mithral chain shirt +1
black metal (cold iron & silver) bastard sword – slash, 9#, 19-20/x2,d10+4-1+1+2 (d10+6)

+1 with elf bane (+2 to hit, +2d6 dmg), vermin bane (+2 to hit, +2d6 dmg), flaming (+1d6 dmg), Blessed by Ellistraee, in a sacred scabbard (blessed weapon 3/day & auto crit vs evil),

sword song: Lvl + Cha Rd/day (4 rds/day) +2 moral to hit & dmg

adamantine short sword – pierce, 2#, 19-20/x2, d6+4+1 (d6+5),

+1 ethereal reaver (ghost touch, see invisible), sacred scabbard (blessed weapon 3/day & auto crit vs evil)

ring of protection +4, ring of minor fire resistance (10 pts), ring of telekinesis
Gloves of Dex +2
Bracers of Health +2
Amulet of Natural Armor +2
+1 light mace, bludgeon, 4#, crit x2, d6+5, to hit 14/9
+2 dagger(& a +1 dagger & a MW dagger), pierce, 1# each, crit x2, d4+6 (+5 for +1 dagger & +4 for MW), to hit 15/10 (or 14/9); range 10’
MW Hand crossbow, pierce, 2#, 19-20/x2, d4, to hit 16/11

44 bolts, 15 with drow sleep poison; 1#/20 bolts

MW sap, bludgeon, 2#, crit x2, d6+4 subdual, to hit 14/9
Mighty short composite bow [+2], pierce, 2#, crit x3, d6+2, to hit 15/10, range 70’
+2 b’d sword same as black metal sword except: to hit 16/11 alone or 14/9 w/ sht swd & dmg d10+7
Freedom Rider Pin
Randall Morn Crest pin
Silverheart Pin
Handy Haversack


The daughter of an unknown human male and a drow priestess, Amber (by another name) was destined to be sacrificed on Lolth’s altar, unless one of her half-siblings killed her first. Her human blood had her developing more quickly than her creche-mates, which saved her. Amber found out her mother’s plans and managed to run away. She went through multiple portals in the Underdark but finally found her way into the Dalelands. She was given shelter by a temple of Ellistraee and she converted.

She took the name Amber for the color of her eyes and Nightblade because of her black metal sword, dedicated to Ellistraee’s service. She loves the bright colors visible in the upper world; wearing green, yellow, red, and other colors that are not visible to dark vision. She took to wearing a veil to hide her drow features among strangers. Until she impressed a Purple Dragon Knight who invited her to join the Purple Dragons. She wears the gear that he gave her, showing her face openly; but also carrying the writ that vouches for her.

She became a fighter and cleric of the dancing goddess and was determined to become a sword dancer in her service. Becoming a cleric was a little difficult, because Amber Nightblade did not find it easy to offer drow a chance to repent and change. She has a special hatred for creatures of Lolth.

She has come to have a fondness for her travelling and adventuring companions, even Dratsab. She learned that something happened to her mother’s family when she ran into a priestess, who told her to come home; but the priestess died before Amber found out what the problem was. Oops. Of course, it also meant that the priestess died before she could return to tell Amber’s mother of her treachery, so it wasn’t a total loss.

For her part in rescuing Randall Morn, she was given some land in the Dalelands. She has a temple/orphanage to Ellistraee set up there. It is on the border of the land so that it is near the temple of Mystra that Sofie, an elf cleric of the Goddess of Magic, had founded. The drow children that Amber helped to rescue grew up there, taught in the ways of Ellistraee and Mystra.

Amber has learned that there has been a religious/civil upset in Myrmidia and the surrounding area. A military led by The Banshee took over the rule, kicking out the Lolth priestesses, etc. She and her friends went down into the UnderDark at Randall Morn’s request, to discover why the drow raiding parties had started up again. They have found out why, the change in leadership was responsible, but Dratsab’s daughter had gone missing into the Deeper UnderDark. Once they have reported to Randall Morn, they will return to find her, and to rescue her.

Amber Nightsword

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