Time Spanning Forgotten Realms, or Elminster is Dratsab's Mommy

Under Waterdeep

to Ellistraee's temple

24 August 2008
Rosemary’s game
Rejanon, after escaping from the deadly snow bunnies, arrives in Waterdeep. He gets Elminster’s invitation and immediately heads for the tower to meet. He had given the bag, with the tablets, to Darvin to protect.

He tells Elminster & Blackstaff about what had happened since Tormdied. They admire all that’s been accomplished, especially since he’s apparently lost everyone else. Yarl escorts him to an inn while the other two leave town, going to the Pool of the Lost.

Rejanon secures lodgings and cleans his armor in the common room. The others are a little surprised to see him and disgusted by what’s on his armor (undead snow bunny guts). Rej tells Dratsab that he suddenly sympathizes with the tiefling’s feelings about Elminster. Since Elminster & Kelvin stole our guide, we ask about other guides.

Darvin approaches the innkeeper. He recommends Gower, waiting him to return. Skullport is 3 levels into the mountain. The innkeeper is uncertain how long Gower will be but the only information that we can give is that it was a 20 drink trip. The innkeeper thinks that whoever it was (Elminster & Kelvin) got overcharged. Gower usually only charges 15.

The innkeeper admits, reluctantly under Phaedral’s persuasion, to an entrance in the basement. He’s willing to show the way but recommends rest, first. He’ll show the way in the morning, then. With those clues, Amber recalls the way to the temple, now that she’s closer.

The temple is about an hour away from Skullport, which is by the bay, about 3 levels under the mountain & a rough part of town. Amber will pray at midnight, in part asking for guidance about what to do with the 6 children. She doesn’t want to take them through a rough area but she thinks that they would be safe in the temple.

Amber has the kids with her while she prays, although she gives the gloaming the choice of whether to stay or visit with Rejanon. Violet thinks that Rej is scary and wants to stay with Amber. Amber explains that Rej doesn’t feel very well because his god died. Violet sweetly sympathizes with him on the death of Torm.

The others sleep, except for Rej, who’s on watch. Dratsab was tempted to watch but reluctantly decides that might interfere with the prayer. Rej tries to pace quietly in the hall, in full plate.

Just as Amber is about to pray she hears singing. So does everyone else. The source is indecipherable, but it’s in undercommon. It’s first prayers of the day of Eillistraee. Violet points out the window, ‘look, look.’

Silver ribbons of light emerge from the ground; moonbeams. Amber heard stories of this; if you have a strong enough priestess or a large & powerful enough congregation can call up these moonpaths. Any faithful can take the paths, along with anything that she’s touching. Rej and Phaedral go check on Amber and she tells everyone to collect their stuff and go. They arrange stabling for the horses and the gryphon before they leave.

She puts the kids on the rathe and grabs hold and tells everyone to hold hands. Amber’s wearing a robe, shoes, and her big sword; with her armor and other gear on the rathe. She heads for the nearest moonpath and everyone is whisked up in a whirlwind of silver light. [Chris asks if we all transform to Chrinos]

When they arrive there are several hundred drow, looking very shocked. They draw swords and ask, in undercommon, who we are. Amber introduces herself and announces that she is also a priestess, my friends who also need help, that she’d like to join in the worship, and she has 5 drow orphans & one gloaming (who also wants to join in the prayers).

Phaedral signs something about not killing any of them, yet. They put a guard on the group. Dratsab is quite happy with the view of the several hundred naked, dancing drow women. The children try to copy the dancing. Darvin draws pictures of the worshipping, including Eillistraee.

Afterward, a priestess talks to Eillistraee, who comes down to talk to Amber. Amber explains the situation. Eillistraee gently remonstrates the priestess for not being more forgiving, of Phaedral’s rudeness. Eillistraee kisses Drevin’s head, cause he’s all itchy. She leaves silver lip prints in his fur. She kisses Amber’s forehead, too. Both of them are healed of their ability damage.

She likes Drevin; he’s a good dog. Eillistraee puts her hand on Dratsab’s head, and she mentions that he’s been marked by someone else. She also mentions that she sees drow in his past & future; it’s good that Amber is trying to guide him down the proper path.

Amber asks about reaching the Pool of Loss. There’s a portal in a crypt not far away. The way there is safe, but the crypt itself is unknown. On Darvin’s request, she checks that Rej is really Rej. When she notes, puzzled, that he’s supposed to be about 7 years old, 4 words explains all (portal; 12 years; Elminster). She gives the route to the crypt to Phaedral and Amber.

Amber asks Eillistraee to bless her sword. The goddess dances with the nightblade and hands it back to her worshiper.

While Amber considers what should she ask from Dratsab, in return for being healed. Since he was marked by another god, Eillistraee could not heal him directly. In the end, she took into consideration that she worships a forgiving god and she just healed the tiefling. Rej mentions that he worships Torm; infractions have consequences.

Since Darvin needs to rest, they decide to wait before leaving. The drow offer an hour long breakfast (Hero’s Feast) and everyone is healed as well. Amber asks for arrows to replenish Phaedral’s supplies. Dratsab asks if Eillistraee can identify which god marked him. She says that yes, she can. When he asks if she’ll share the knowledge, she tells him that it’s a journey of discovery that he must take.

Amber spends a little time helping around the temple while the other rest. She leaves a note, sealed in a wall, ‘Amber Nightblade was here.’

Before they leave, they get some holy water, just in case they run into some undead. Amber gets a few scrolls, remove curse & remove disease. Amber asks the temple to retrieve her horse and lance from the inn and to care for them (and probably replace in 12 years when she comes back).

At the bottom of the stairs into the crypt, Dratsab finds a pit. He secures and goes left (not straight or right). Phaedral follows Dratsab and the pit lid flips open. At the bottom of the pit are spikes and dirty water. Dratsab stops at the door right next to the intersection while everyone else waits on the stairs. He checks the door; not trapped, not locked and he hears nothing in the room, but he hears loud shuffling noises from the other two nearby doors (clanking from the straight ahead door & shuffling from the door on the right). He searches those two doors and checks the locks.

The group sets up in front of the door with the clanking. Dratsab resets the pit trap, Darvin on one side (left), Rej and then Amber on the other side, with Phaedral on the other side of the pit, ready to shoot and his dog behind him. Darvin opens the door & flies up. Inside are two large scorpion critters with electricity arcing on their tails.

1)Dratsab delays. The two things attack Dratsab through the door. One claw grabs the tiefling. Dratsab immediately wriggles to escape the claw’s grib and he squirms out. He immediately flies out of the room and the other one attacks him, but misses around the corner. Rej delays because he can’t get into the room. Phaedral shoots the clanking scorpion with adamantine arrows, and all three hit the same one, damaging it considerably (½ hp). Darvin shifts his weapon to adamantine. Amber squeezes into the space with Rej and learns that Soundburst does nothing to these creatures.

2)Draco 1 attacks the tiefling who hits the creature once with his disruption admanantine mace, channeling eldritch blast through it. Then he flies behind Phaedral, tumbling. The other one delays. Rejanon leaves the space with Amber watches the near door and the hall behind them. Phaedral, without a clear shot, suggests that someone just close the door and they all go around that room. Darvin shuts the door and the door (shuffling noise) opens next to Rej and yells ‘be quiet!’ It’s a huge two-headed troll-looking thing, holding a large humanoid leg. “Eating. Quiet!” Rej moves past the door, away from Amber. Amber quietly says, ‘we’ll work on that,’ as she goes down the (left) corridor. Whatever kind of troll it is, Phaedral says that it’s not native to the Underdark. Someone comes around the corner not far from Rejanon, looking surprised to see anyone. It appears to be an animated suit of armor.

3)Dratsab follows Amber, ‘cause she’s a cute naked chick, at least in our minds,’ searching for traps. He sees another suit of armor, also looking surprised. Phaedral follows along and readies to shoot anything hostile coming down the hall. Darvin casts a Ray of Enfeeblement on the troll and also follows Amber. The troll drops the leg, claws and bites at Rej. One bites clamps onto the paladin (11 hp), other head says, “stupid.” Rej closes the door on the troll and follows everyone else. Amber passes the side corridor with the armor.

4)Armor steps forward to attack Amber around the corner and one blow of the great sword hits, almost removing the health from the Hero’s Feast (11 hp). The other suit charges Rejanon, hitting the pit but hovers over it. It hits the paladin (18 hp). Dratsab joins Amber, still flying 5’ off the floor, and attacks the armor that attacked the half-drow, hovering. He channels more eldritch blast into the armor, magic works again. Phaedral circles around behind the armor while his dog checks further down the hall, at the other corner. Phaedral shoots the armor and the shot blows through into the door behind it (into the scorpion room). Darvin steps and assists Rej with his adamantine spiked chain, but misses with both swings. Troll yells “Quiet” and keeps chewing. Rej suggests that they move the fight farther from the troll and sets his sword to adamantine. He then retreats back around the corner, farther from the troll. Amber hits the armor twice with her black metal sword around the corner.

5)Armor steps to swing at Phaedral but misses. The other suit attacks Darvin, hitting him both times (crits do not confirm though). Dratsab floats over and attacks the armor, mace hitting with both swings. Phaedral swiftly casts Arrow Mind and shoots the armor again, but none of the arrows hit. He steps away from it. Darvin wraps his chain around the armor’s greatsword and for a moment they pull at each other until Darvin pulls the sword away from it. Darvin backs up a step and his whip snakes out again but misses. Rej goes under Dratsab to hit the damaged armor. Amber goes to the hall and tells Darvin to lead the armor towards her.

6)Armor without its sword backs up and pulls out a crossbow to shoot at Darvin but misses. The other one hits Rejanon twice, once critically. Dratsab’s stirges void on Rejanon as the tiefling hits the armor once, barely. Phaedral shoots at the armor again but not a many shot. The arrow hits and the armor falls to pieces. The blow through hits Rej, so the paladin falls, but Phaedral doesn’t see as he moved down the hall and around a corner. Darvin picks up the armor’s dropped greatsword. Rej bleeds as Amber reaches him and casts cure moderate wounds (max because she’s within a mile of her goddess, 20 hp).



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