Time Spanning Forgotten Realms, or Elminster is Dratsab's Mommy

Looking for Skullport

two fights, really?

2 November, 2008
7)The armor backed out of reach of Darvin’s whip to shoot its crossbow. The shot and Darvin both missed. Dratsab flew to a back corner and attempted invisibility, finally successful. Phaedral dashed down a hallway, past a door to the scorpion’s room to the other side of the halls. He found nine goblins, who said, ‘what you doin’ here. Go ‘way. Go ‘way.” He replied, “we’re just here to kill the undead things.” Goblins: “no undead here. Just fishing. Go ‘way. Good fishing in back room. Go ‘way.” Drevin cocked his ears, “fishing?” G: “Ack, talky dog. Run away.” and eight of them retreated. Darvin dropped his chain and drew a thunderstone from his haversack. He threw it at the feet of the animated armor, which was standing outside the troll’s door. Troll yelled, “TOO LOUD!” There’s a popping sound and the troll appeared on top of the armor. The troll should have been squeezed but did not appear to be. The armor was pushed back down the hall. The troll’s claw swipe missed Darvin. Rejanon stood up and asked Amber what’s going on and asked for more healing. Amber used her last second level spell to heal him (20 hp again).
8)Armor stood up and fled the troll, toward the goblin and Phaedral. The troll took the opportunity to strike the noisy armor as it left. A door opened behind Drevin and something attacked the dog. The black bat thing clawed but missed. Dratsab ran away from the troll and saw the creepy, gargoyle bat thing. Drevin snapped at the bat thing and stepped toward his elf friend, who was unable to see the tiefling on the other side of the bat thing. All three silver arrows missed both bat-winged things. The elf also stepped back, and told the goblin, ‘he’s yours.’ G: “you woke up bad undead thing. Bad, baaaad people!” and the goblin ran away, after his buddies. Darvin picked up his chain and silently ran away from the troll, around the corner toward Amber and Rejanon. Troll muttered, “little loud thing” and teleported to the last loud noise that it heard, where Phaedral’s arrows hit the wall; next to Dratsab. The bat thing clawed Drevin and tail whipped the dog. The bat-thing sizzled and hissed. Then it turned and looked at directly at Dratsab. Rejanon reached the troll, who hit him as he came within reach. Rejanon’s sword blow hit the huge creature. Amber told Rejanon that he’s not lawful stupid and to get out of there as she headed for Phaedral and company. She could not reach the bat thing so she ducked into the alcove to the door of the scorpions’ room.

9)The animated armor chased the goblins and Phaedral struck it as it passes. Dratsab charged the bat thing and hit it. The mace blow did not damage it and the wave of disruption failed to affect it. Dratsab yelled, “Phaedral, shoot anyway!” Phaedral told his dog to get out of the way, to head for other folks. Phaedral shot down the hall, just basic shooting. Both shots hit the bat-thing and hurt it; the elf stepped back. The shots also hit the troll but missed Dratsab. Darvin headed down the hall. The Nighthaunt clawed at the tiefline and snapped at him but only the tail whip landed. It stepped toward Phaedral. Both of the troll’s claws raked Rejanon and it rended him. The paladin was killed (- 17 hp) and was finally quiet. Rejanon lay there and somewhere else he was on a great plain, standing next to a silvery pool. The halfling there asked if Rejanon had recovered his sword. Up in the sky he saw a ball of fire that seemed to hold Midnight. Amber reached the bat thing but missed.

10)Dratsab flew over Amber but also missed the night haunt. Drevin jumped over the pit and headed for Darvin, “there you are! I find you.” Troll “Loud doggy!” Phaedral moved around halls to get non-Amber shot at night haunt. Darvin reached the paladin in time to feed a blue rock candy to him and the paladin was alive again, just as Midnight was about to tell him something. Rejanon stayed quiet. The troll went to open the door of the scorpions’ room and goes, “shhhhh!” The night haunt clawed the tiefling once. Rejanon whispered thank you to the priest and told him to back off because he’s about to try to heal himself. Only Amber’s short blade hit, for no damage, as she quietly full attacked.

11)Dratsab flew over the night haunt and missed, too. Drevin delivered a cure serious wounds potion to the paladin. Phaedral shot at night haunt but missed. Rejanon whisper-reported that Midnight is imprisoned in Limbo. Darvin went to the corner so that he could see troll and silently went around halls. Rejanon drank the proffered potion and told Drevin to back off before he activated his flight ring. Troll entered scorpions’ room and shuts the door behind him. The night haunt clawed the would-be crime lord and stepped away from Amber. Amber managed to land one effective blow, with her black metal blade and one ineffective one with her short sword.

12)Dratsab missed as Phaedral activated his armor to give himself Cat’s Grace. His dog followed Darvin, asking ‘where we going, where we going?’ and went past the human, quietly. Darvin continued around hall. Troll emerged from the other side of scorpion’s room. The night haunt headed for Phaedral and was hit by Amber and Dratsab. The undead missed Phaedral. Rejanon invoked his ring of flight and was successful. He flew, still prone, toward Amber, who reached the undead but missed.

13)Dratsab floated over Amber’s head and also missed. Phaedral rapidly shot the undead and hit once. Drevin followed Darvin and passed him, looking around the hall for anyone else. He saw a small figure with a fishing pole; it’s a goblin fishing with a bucket full of fish. Drevin went up and asked for one. The goblin screamed, “Ahhh, talking dog!” Darvin understood goblin so he knew what the little fellow was yelling. Darvin sheathed the great sword and quietly followed the elf dog. Troll yelled for quiet again and headed down the hall toward to the goblin and the dog, ending about ten feet behind Darvin, much to the priest’s unhappiness. The night haunt clawed Phaedral once and also bit him. Troll told Darvin to move. Rejanon reached the corner to see situation and flew to the upright position. Amber missed with her effective weapon.

14)A scorpion left the room, as the troll forgot to close the door behind him. It climbed down into the pit and then back out. Dratsab stepped directly above the night haunt, sending two waves of disruption through it. The other scorpion followed the first one. They were both clanky. Phaedral shot again, hitting the undead. Drevin ate the fish that the goblin offered him, quietly saying, ‘good doggie?’ The goblin looked up to see the troll and was quietly panicking. Darvin quietly tumbled away from the troll, back down the hall. Troll, ‘bad, loud goblin’ and killed it. Drevin, ‘he was nice, fishy goblin.” Troll, “nice quiet doggie have bones now.” Night haunt hit the elf once with a claw and once with the tail. Rejanon flew over Amber and hit the undead with the Sword of the Dales. While not all the damage got through, it’s enough to make it discorporate. Not having, or at least not knowing, about anything she wanted to attack, Amber quietly cast Cure Light Wounds on Rejanon.

15) Phaedral spotted the stinger of a scorpion as it was coming and he whispered a warning. Dratsab headed for the night haunt’s room and looked inside. It’s a mud-covered room with stones, trash and broken weapons scattered through-out. He entered anyway. The other scorpion continued to follow the first, both still clanking. Phaedral checked inside the scorpions’ room and there’s only broken equipment and trash piled into a nest. He followed Dratsab. Drevin asked the troll why his ears hurt so much. Troll replied that he’s just trying to take a nap and not enough hands to cover his ears (2 heads = 4 ears but only 2 hands). Darvin delayed. Troll headed back to his room and saw the scorpions. “Scorpions, loud. Bad skeledars, back in room.” Rejanon flew to Phaedral, quietly. Amber also moved quietly to join them.

The entire group stays quiet while the troll picked up the metal scorpions and puts them back into their room before returning to his own room. The night haunt’s room had nothing of value.

While he’s shut in the room, Dratsab tried to activate his detect magic; it took two tries. There’s nothing there. Rejanon shared that Midnight is in Limbo.

Dratsab appraised what’s left of the construct. Some of the armor rents were knitting back together. Darvin thought that the construct was magical and that its regenerating will eventually reassemble itself. They left it behind. It was a Helmed Horror and such are assigned specific tasks by their creators.

There’s a narrow path across the pool of water. The water had fish in it and it’s apparent that the goblins often fished there. Since the Helmed Horrors apparently have specified patrol regions, they went to the area where the guardian was regenerating. Amber fed a potion to Rejanon and Phaedral used a wand on him to heal him up.

At the doors that they pass, people listened. There’s sloshing behind one. Since no door had yet to have anything related to the mission, they bypassed the doors and headed for the middle back room; Rejanon lead, followed by Amber. Dratsab flew over Darvin’s head as they followed the paladin and the fighter, then the ranger and his dog

Inside the room, Rejanon heard conversation, in an unknown language. Amber didn’t understand it either. Everyone took a turn, but no one spoke it. Shrugging, Rejanon opened the door.

Inside the room, with alcoves, was very crowded; 4 horned, greenish ogres, fishing in the shallow water. Also 6 tiny, flaming skulls hovered 25 up in the air, mostly in the room’s alcoves. Hanging from wires were glass cases with fine scimitars enveloped in a yellow glow.
1)Rejanon sic’d the daggers on the skulls. Each dagger stabbed a skull. The daggers hit but none of them did any damage. He stepped down the hall so that he bracketed the door with Amber. The skulls screamed “Intruders!” Three attacked Amber & three attacked Rejanon with their zappy eyes, maneuvering to get in range. Each one was hit by magic missiles and then the other two shot out fire rays, Rejanon was hit by 3 rays. None of them hit Amber. Amber stepped to the door and hit the ogre there three times, inflicting a lot of damage. Darvin stepped up next to Amber and cast Ray of Enfeeblement at the ogre that he could see. Dratsab successfully went invisible and flew over Amber’s head. Phaedral pulled out his hammer sphere and sent it after the foes in the room. It finished off the ogre that Amber hit. The surviving ogres crowded closer to the door and stabbed at Amber and Darvin with their long spears. None of them hit.

2)Rejanon sent all three Teeth of Torm at one skull, and they dinged it. Two skulls sprayed Magic Missiles at Rejanon & Amber. One Fire Ray hit Darvin and three rays hit Rejanon. It’s enough to send him unconscious. One ray hit Amber as Rejanon stabilized. Amber swung around the corner and hit the weakened ogre, and it fell. She stepped out of the door. Darvin tumbled into the room but missed the ogre. Dratsab flew into the room and above Darvin to sneak attack the same ogre, channeling eldritch blast. The blast rebounded onto the tiefling, luckily with little effect. Phaedral’s ‘hammer’ hit the ogre as he stepped forward to be adjacent to the door. He rapidly shot the ogre that he can see better. He killed that ogre. The ogre stabbed at Amber, uselessly and he stepped back.

3)Rejanon lay there, delaying. The skull that was damaged, healed. The magic missile slinging skulls fired them off for the last time. They hit Amber and Phaedral. The other four each fired two rays of fire, hitting Phaedral once only and missed everyone else. Amber’s attempt to turn did nothing. Darvin hit the giant twice. Dratsab headed for the skulls and attacked the giant, channeling eldritch blast, successfully this time. The ogre fell. Phaedral shot a skull, hoping to blow through to another. He hit one twice and hit another one once, really only doing damage to one.

4)Rejanon lay there. Two new skulls cast Magic Missile, one provoking Dratsab to take the opportunity to attack (to no effect), to hit Dratsab. The other set of Magic Missiles hit Phaedral. The other four skulls used Ray of Fire again, two rays per target, four targets. One managed to hit Amber hard [crit]. Amber cast Cure Light Wounds on Rejanon and stepped into the room. Darvin stepped under two of the skulls and his chain reached up to strike one twice. The cold iron spiked chain did partial damage. Dratsab hit the skull again and again with his mace. Phaedral stepped into the door and directed his spiritual weapon to attack a skull, it penetrated the spell resistance to hit. He then many shot the skulls that Darvin faced. The damaged skull was destroyed.

5)Rejanon stood up and tried to turn the skulls, without success. The skulls fired magic missiles at Phaedral and Darvin. Darvin sucked up the spell energy. The remaining three skulls targeted the three damaging adventurers (not Phaedral & not Amber). They shot the fire rays, provoking ops from Darvin & Dratsab. The ray damage was not enough to hurt Phaedral, thanks to his ring. Two rays hit Darvin and one ray hit the tiefling. The tiefling ignored the fire. Amber attempted to turn again, and managed to make three of them fly away from her, up to the ceiling and into alcoves, cowering. Darvin was left without anything in reach. He pulled out a wand and used it to cast Lightning Bolt at one of the skulls but it did no damage. Dratsab attacked the only skull that he could still reach without pursuit. He hit it once. Phaedral’s spiritual weapon hit and finished it off. Phaedral shot another skull and destroyed it, then followed up on another skull with his last shot. The skulls left were the ones that Amber had turned. Rejanon pursued the skulls and destroyed them with the Sword of the Dales.

The bodies were examined and the scimitars, in the cases, were examined next. The cases were 20’ up. There were 3 cases with scimitars & one case with a ring, without a glow. The ogres had huge longspears, mundane ones. There’s no armor, only a bucket & 4 large fishing poles.

Dratsab searched the cases, with detect magic running. All 4 cases were trapped. Before working on them; there was healing done. Darvin laid hands on Dratsab. After one flubbed attempt, 30’ darkness and silence, Phaedral handed his wand of lesser vigor to Amber to use, because she’s close enough to her goddess that her magic does not backfire. She finished up by using one charge of her wand to heal Drevin.

Everyone staid back at least 10’ while Dratsab worked on the traps. He worked on the ring case first. He triggered the trap. The case exploded in fire in his face but he evaded it. The ring fell to the ground. Phaedral leapt to catch before it hit the water. It’s made of two griffons, one silver & one gold, with their wings interlinked. He passed the ring to Darvin. When he put the griffin ring on, he felt like he could call his griffon, no matter where they are and how far apart they are. It’s possible that more powers would become apparent once the griffon was nearby.

Dratsab triggered another trap, and evaded again. Phaedral caught the scimitar, which did glow yellow. Dratsab successfully opened the 3rd case. He took out the scimitar and handed it down to Phaedral. He headed for the 4th case and exploded it, too. Amber caught the last one, since Phaedral’s hands were full. All three scimitars looked alike. Phaedral carried all three scimitars while Darvin had the ring.

They open the next door…....



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