Time Spanning Forgotten Realms, or Elminster is Dratsab's Mommy

Into the Underdark

Everybody, remember where we parked the crypt

17 May 09 Forgotten Realms
Darvin flew back to Daggerdale to buy more arrows for Phaedral and Amber, as well as two Provision boxes. He returned about DUSK.

1)Mike: When you search, ie I am searching the door for traps,what do you do? Do you stand 10’ away or do you touch it or what? SOP, he searches visually, not touching. Unless Mike states otherwise. Rosemary will assume that he is just looking at it.
2)Everyone, 5 spot & 5 search from the elves
a) Darvin – Spot: 27, 30, 22, 17, 33
Razorwing – Spot: 14, 15, 15, 30, 13
b) Phaedral – Spot: 22, 27, 21, 29, 26
- Search: 18, 25, 24, 28, 20
Drevin – Spot: 13, 26, 22, 22, 12
Kessla – Spot: 6, 8, 21, 22, 19
c) Amber – Spot: 24, 9, 11, 6, 21 #
– Search: 20, 6, 9, 12, 21
Moonshadow – Spot: 22, 14, 28, 29,
d) Dratsab – Spot: 32, 36, 26, 22, 26
Slurp – spot: 24, 26, 19, 36, 21
e) Rejanon – Spot: 13, 19, 17, 30, 24#
Unicorn – Spot: 23, 16, 17, 13, 26
#can see invisible when weapons are drawn
The double doors, that lead underground, were flanked by columns carved in the likeness of armored figures with leering skull for faces. The doors gave the appearance that someone had tried to force them open with a crowbar.

Dratsab checked the doors for traps, but he didn’t find any. But he thought that the doors might be chained from the inside, with a padlock. He would be able to open the padlock, if he were on the same side of the door.

Amber said that this was the closest and easiest entrance to the Underdark and that the Drow probably locked it behind themselves to block pursuit. They decided to try to pry the door open a bit, then used an adamantine sword to cut through the chain. Then Phaedral reminded Rejanon to say “Merrydale,” which opened the padlock. The door opened with a gentle shove.

On the other side, was a long, dark hallway of stone. Since Kessla, Moonshadow and a couple others were unable to see in the dark, an everburning torch was pulled out. Five drow bodies lay nearby. They had been stripped of arms & armor but still wore the silver web insignia. Two were killed by blunt force trauma and the other three by bolts from a hand crossbow. Four were female and the male was a Spellguard Wizard; he had been a lesser relation of the Chumvah House from City of Spider Queen (Amber’s house), while the females were from a lesser noble of House Morkain of Zith Morkain. The male must have upset someone to be sent to this area, not hard to do. They appeared to have been guarding the entrance.

Darvin picked up the chain & padlock and put them into his pocket. Alas, none of the bodies had the key. Amber thought that they had been dead five days; two days before the last raid and two days after the raid before that. The drow corpses were dragged into one of the crypts.

After that, the group headed down the hall until they saw a door on the left, about 40’ from the entrance. Dratsab found no traps on it so Darvin opened it. It lead to an empty crypt and 4 alcoves. All of it was coated with dust.

Darvin used a cantrip to clean it as he entered it. It had a family crest, Dodrian era, but it had no sign of ever being used. Darvin copied the designs, just in case, as well as cutting the tabards off the dead Drow. It took half an hour to search the crypt and to copy all those insignia.

Slurp and Dratsab (Glurp) lead the way, to keep an eye out for traps, accompanied by Darvin, carrying Razorwing in his pocket. Rejanon and Phaedral followed behind them. Amber and Kessla walked behind them with unicorn, Pumpkin, & then Moonshadow bringing up the rear. Drevin kept the lizard, Bo, following Moonshadow.

After the hall turned a corner, a door was on the left near the corner, and bit farther was a door on the right. The near door was once plastered shut but it had been opened at some point. It was closed when they found it, but Dratsab said that it was not trapped. Phaedral suggested that he check the floor in front of the door, too. Darvin, tired of all the searching, opened the door.

The room was a crypt with biers and coffins. Surprisingly, they looked undisturbed. Darvin, Rejanon and Pumpkin went just beyond the door to keep on eye on the hall ahead. Amber left Moonshadow outside the door as she drew both blades and entered the room. Soon afterward, she triggered a glyph, causing two glowing gold lions to appear.

SR) Both lions pounced on Amber. One managed to only rake her as the other clawed her around the corner once. Amber managed to slice into one, which bled sparkly gold. Amber apologized in common while Moonshadow told them to get away from his elf. Phaedral joined Amber and muttered, ‘tomb guardians, who knew?’ as he fired off an arrow through the same guardian lion. Drevin left the lizard to protect Kessla. Darvin cast glitterdust on the pair of lions, and successfully blinded the wounded one. The priest tumbled through the blinded lion and stopped right behind him. Dratsab struck cleanly into the blinded lion and it disappeared. Kessla moved to get a clear look into the room and cast Tactical Precision.
1)Rejanon and Pumpkin watched the hallway, in case the lions were a distraction. Amber apologized again as she stabbed deeply into the 2nd lion and her horse went to the corner of the hall, closest to the door. The lion stood up on the bier. The lion said something, which only Rejanon understood, and clawed Amber. Phaedral moved to get a clear shot and put four arrows into the guardian, popping it.

Darvin started looking through the room, using his prestidigitation to clean off the area. All of the tombs and biers appear untouched. The room was not as dirty as the others had been. Kessla looked at the glyph while Amber said that the drow probably left it, so it would reactivate and catch someone else. Kessla thought that it would reactivate in 24 hours.

Amber did not think that there was anything to loot but agreed to look. Dratsab said that the biers were untrapped. Darvin took note of family crests, etc. Found: silver & moonstones necklace (600 gp), gold ring with black pearl (900 gp), mouldering skeleton with holding a short spear & a wand and wearing a gold torc (350 gp). None of the jewelry was magic but both the wand & spear were. Darvin and Dratsab consulted to identify the spear and wand. The spear was a +1 shocking short spear while they were uncertain about the wand.

Once done with that, they went to the next door, using the same order. Dratsab stated his intention of going invisible before any more doors were opened. Everyone dropped back about 10 feet as Dratsab dealt with the trap on the door.

He managed to disable the slay living spell on the door. The door was still plastered shut, showing only a few crowbar marks. Phaedral and Darvin pried at the door with their crowbars. It took a minute or so to pop it open. The vault’s most prominent feature was the statue of a regal, striking woman in a long gown. Amber and Rejanon spotted the ghost inside, the female, upset ghost. Amber calmly commented on that fact, in Undercommon. The ghost had a horrifying face, enough to really scare Amber. Then the ghost merged with the statue.

Ghost said something. No one knew what.

1)Dratsab tumbled into the room and struck the statue/ghost. Amber muttered something about scary ghosts and ‘as my mother said, suck it up,’ and went into the room enough to flank it with Dratsab and struck the statue and only scorched it a little. Kessla began strumming her lute to inspire her compatriots. Rejanon discovered that it did not have combat reflexes at he provoked and it did nothing. He struck the statue and the Sword of the Dales stabbed into it. Phaedral stepped back, out of sight if the ghost showed her ugly face again.
2)Ghost did show her ugly face again but Amber was inured. Darvin was afraid but Dratsab was not. The ghost cast her evil eye upon the paladin but he remains uncorrupted by her evil. Dratsab and Darvin were drained by her evil gaze. Darvin pulled out his cold iron chain to wrap it around the ghost. Dratsab tumbled around the statue to reach the ghost with his disrupting mace. The ghost discorporated.
Rejanon, with the aid of pearls, cast lesser restoration on Amber, Dratsab and Darvin. Pumpkin healed Amber and Darvin. Rejanon cast healing on Dratsab.

Dratsab checked the statue for any lingering weirdness but found none. It looked like the ghost, only prettier. Then he checked each door and crypt for traps. While he was doing so, Pumpkin returned to the Celestial Realm (~8 pm). He found, in the NW crypt, a wizard’s corpse, wearing a gold pectoral (450 gp) and a ring. Dratsab identified the ring as magic, but he was uncertain of its purpose. Darvin noticed that the ring was that of protection (+2).

The ghost & statue were of Lady Qualim, and the wizard was her son. As soon as Dratsab took the jewelry, a mouth appeared and declared ‘whomsoever shall rob my tomb will be devoured by demons, 7 days hence.’

Farther down the hall, a set of stairs descended. They decided to withdraw to the crypts outside to make camp.

They made camp outside. Darvin chained & padlocked the doors.

3 Watches: 1st – Darvin & Kessla (& Slurpy)
2nd – Phaedral & Amber (& Slurpy) & Moonshadow
3rd – Rejanon & Dratsab

Rej take a look at getting Healthful Rest
2nd DAY
both metalline weapons are silver & Dratsab wants Darvin to fly off to Daggerdale to get an Artificier’s monocle

Amber said that until the group got really into the Underdark, it would not be hard to come back to the surface. It would just take time.

Darvin flew to Daggerdale the next morning to also get 2 wands of Detect Magic. They set out back underground about mid-morning when he got back.



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