Time Spanning Forgotten Realms, or Elminster is Dratsab's Mommy

Dratsab checked the door and declared that it had no trap. He immediately went behind Phaedral as Darvin took the lead, followed by Rejanon and Amber.

Darvin opened the door. Continual light torches light the room, somehow sinisterly. There was a dais, water in front of it and some really, disgusting creature holding a man in one of its suckered arm. The man was playing with the surface of the water. He asked, ‘Beautiful Flower wants to know why you are here. This is her realm.” To their further disgust, he’s apparently talking about the tentacled thing with mouths and suckers.

Darvin told it/them, “We merely seek a portal to the well of lost souls.” “It would disturb our home to turn on the portal. It makes such a mess. An underwater tornado. And if you hit the switch wrong, there are gobbety bits hanging around the room for days. It’s very messy.”

Dratsab offered the services of some goblin fishermen to clean up the area, before remembering that they died. It/they mutters about how inconvenient the whole thing would be. Phaedral asked in elvish, which the thing/man understands, “we have a saying where I’m from; you don’t worry about the mess if you’re dead.”

Darvin tried to convince it to reveal the ‘good’ way to turn on the switch. It’s reluctant. Rej and Dratsab thought that the human was not the real one communicating. It’s a puppet on a tentacle; but it’s happy to be a puppet. Ewwwwww.

Phaedral checked for bribability. It’s mildly disgusted by the gobbets of undead, etc in the water. If they permit the thing & spawn to pass, and let them make a mess. He won’t return until they do. It goes into the hall and Phaedral shut & locked the door behind it.

The room was covered in 3’ deep water. Only the dais is out of the water, so Phaedral sent Drevin up onto it while everyone else looked for the switch. Dratsab found it and started working on it.

A whirlpool started, causing all the water from the room to swirl, Drevin swam his way out of it while Dratsab was pulled under. They both got slammed into the ceiling by the column of water.

Drevin caught Dratsab by his pants and pulled him out of the column. Dratsab claimed that he now knew how it worked and would succeed. Phaedral tapped Drevin with his wand of natural healing, but instead the gravity reversed and everyone fell to the ceiling, then fell back to the floor. Dratsab caught Drevin and Rej activated his ring of flight. Phaedral used the same wand on Dratsab, but it worked.

The column of water opened up again, but the roof opened into a starry night. Everyone jumped into the spiraling column of water. Dratsab kept making bidet comments. Something started banging on the door.

As the water level dropped, there was a bone cape and a staff on the dais. Drevin sat on it. Darvin used force wave to knock them into the water, hoping that they would get caught in the spiral column of water. Both swirl up, too. The bone cloak felt creepy as it passed, although Darvin and Dratsab claimed not to feel it.

After the sparkly cloud dissipated, they were in a cavern, with a sparkly, prismatic spell in the center. Also in the cavern was Elminster, some mucky-muck with a black staff and a very bored Kelemvor.

There was a mild disagreement about who left who and who went off on their own. Elminster & mucky-muck are waiting for the sphere to go away; it can only be maintained for a couple hours although Kelemvor kept telling them that they’re on a clock.

Suddenly, Rejanon remembered that the sphere was where Midnight was. He saw her while he was dead.

Meanwhile, Drevin peered into the sphere, noticing a ‘Midnight-shaped’ fly and he pawed at it. Fire charred the poor dog. Phaedral used his wand of Lesser Vigor on his dog, and Phaedral fell into the 10’ pit that opened up under him. Phaedral climbed out and managed to use the wand successfully.

Dratsab muttered something in some evil language. The spell should last about ten minutes per caster level. Dratsab asked, “and what level is a god?” Elminster tapped his pipe and ‘hmmmm’.

The outer layer of the sphere blocked anything from entering it. Darvin started to use a sphere of brown mold until Dratsab strenuously protested. Darvin reluctantly put up the sphere and started examining the cloak & staff.

Dratsab, surprisingly, managed to convince Elminster that it had been long enough. Elminster cast cone of cold and dispel magic to take down the outer layer of fire. The circle became orange.

Rej tossed a note into the sphere, “Drevin wants the treats from the bag & I want my stuff back, signed Rejanon, series of titles”

A hand emerged, waving and Darvin pulled her out. She was protecting herself from all the undead, the entire army of undead waiting to use the portal. Her sphere blocks the army from emerging. We don’t tell Midnight about how long her spell has lasted.

She returned Rej’s bag, with the book, and she had found another book. Elminster suggested that the books be put in one of Kildan’s pockets (he’s Kilden Blackstaff). The hidey holes were in his tower, back in town.

In the meantime, the books were put into two different Heward’s. Or tried. The second would not go. It’s possible that Merkle did something to it, so it would not go into an extra-dimensional space. Kelemvor volunteered to take it.

They went up through the caverns and into the basement of the Yawning Portal Inn. They all went to stay in Blackstaff tower, so that they could guard the open book and the hidey holes.

They collected their animals and took them to the tower, too. The gryphon sqawked at Darvin. Darvin spoke to it, like he was replying. Amber is now the only one who doesn’t have something talking to her.

Midnight identified the cape as a bone mantle; it’s armor protection and protection vs good. The staff, a +2 q-staff with 1 charge of Light, 1 magic missile w/ 5 missiles, cone of cold, 1 see invisibility, and 2 dim doors and it’s a good staff. Dratsab appraised both for their monetary value.

The griffin ring probably permits the wearer to understand, talk to and call a griffin by name to come to the wearer, and a griffin figment. The scimitars are +1 that give the wielder -3 will saves (2250 gp each). Dratsab will arrange the sale of the mantle and the scimitars (19490 gp/person, when everything that will be sold gets sold).

Midnight tried the sanctum spell but failed. A pit opened up, she fell down to the next level and old, brittle bones fell on their heads.

Phaedral used his wand of Lesser Vigor on Drevin and Midnight accidentally Healed everyone instead of just helping Darvin.

Amber volunteered to take first watch before she prayed and then she would meditate (instead of sleep). Rej on 2nd, Darvin on 3rd, Phaedral on 2nd & 3rd, Dratsab on 2nd, Midnight on 3rd, and with Kelemvor also on 1st. Phaedral prayed to Mielikki for help, for the time and place of the gold stair. She suggested that he go look on the top of Mount Waterdeep.

The night was uneventful. The next morning soldiers, lots & lots of soldiers, arrive at the tower. Blackstaff’s being summoned to deal with fiends attacking the dock wards. They were swarming up from the sewers. Phaedral id’s them as undead.

1)Rejanon drew his sword and set his daggers to protect the bag with the book before trying to cast Bless. Phaedral headed for the stairs and up onto the roof, saying something about spotting the Celestial Stair. Darvin cast Balor’s Nimbus and pulled out his chain. Dratsab started flying, pulling his sword as he tried to activate his magic ring. Kelemvor waited for Midnight. Amber cast Divine Protection and followed Phaedral, pulling her swords and asking about the stair. Midnight and Kelemvor headed for the stairs, too. Elminster came up the stairs, “oh, I guess that you saw the undead, too.” Undead started mounting the stairs from the 1st floor and more start flying onto the roof. Four of the undead coming up the stairs were 4 boneclaws, followed by 8 skeletons with slimy internal organs, sanguinous drinkers. The two undead that dove at Phaedral were on patrol and spotted the elf when he emerged onto the roof. They looked somewhat like undead vultures (blackwings). Four more flying undead on the way really looked like undead vultures. Their fear aura did nothing and the two swooped to attack. One completely missed the dog while the other one clawed Phaedral.

2)Rejanon, spotted a boneclaw in the stair, and went up to face off against it. It reflexively swung at him as he went into its reach but missed him. His return swing, with the Sword of the Dales, cut into the bones. The vulturous undead flew closer. Phaedral ordered Drevin into the stair and shifted to shoot through two of the undead, one of the first flying undead as well as one of the vulturous undead. Darvin lashed out with his chain to chip away at the boneclaw. Dratsab flew over Midnight’s head to club the boneclaw with his mace, channeling magic through the weapon for greater effect. The smaller undead were trapped by the larger ones blocking the stair. The boneclaw swiped at Amber as she passed Elminster to defend the stair. She hit it once with her black metal sword. Elminster got pelted by fiery red flowers as he tried to cast a spell. Midnight shifted away from the stair and started concentrating Kelemvor stepped up to the boneclaw and clawed its bones.

3)Boneclaw, surrounded on the stair, clawed at Kelemvor and Dratsab but missed both. Rej’s swordblows both connected with the boneclaw. The undead vulture things fly by to attack Elminster and Phaedral; two on each male. Phaedral reflexively tried to hit one as it passed. It was enough to get him out of the way of one attack, but the other one clawed him (diseased). The other two just miss the sage. Drevin and Phaedral shift down the stair as the elf shoots the same blackwing and a new undead vulture and his previous arrows burn. Two arrows pierced the blackwing and onecontinued into the other undead. Darvin swung his chain to hit the boneclaw twice, which was looking badly damaged. Dratsab’s first blow destroyed it and the small undead tried to charg up but the other boneclaws prevented them making it. Dratsab went to the landing to block any undead from coming up into the 3rd floor of the tower. The two blackwings attacked, one on Phaedral and one on Elminster. One claw bit into the sage and both claws raked Phaedral. Amber shifted down one to give room to the others to descend. Elminster attempted a spell and flew up into the air. Both undead missed him. Midnight continued to concentrate while Kelemvor swung once at the next boneclaw down the stairs.

4)The boneclaw reaches out to rake at Kelemvor and Dratsab. The next boneclaw went out in the room of the 2nd floor to let the other undead come further up the stairs. Rejanon moved to keep an eye on the arrow slits and a wary out for more undead intruders. The four undead vultures fly by Elminster, who was still up in the air. The ones that Phaedral shot burn. Phaedarl shot the same blackwing and the first undead vulture that he shot. Darvin delayed. One of Dratsab’s mace swings hit. The sanguinary blooddrinking advanced and waited, hungrily. The blackwings continue their same attacks, but none of them hit. Phaedral asked Amber to tell Midnight to look for the Gold Stair. Elminster fell to the tower, with the undead clawing at him as he went by. Midnight spotted the stair, it looked like amber and pearl. Then it changed to white and without a railing. Kelemvor slashed it with his great sword, cutting chips off twice.

5)The boneclaw reached up to miss again. The 4th one came up into the 2nd floor, making more room on the stairs for the smaller undead below. Rejanon stepped into the stairway. One of the bloodwing vultures clawed the sage. Phaedral’s earlier arrows burned while he shot again into the blackwing and the 2nd bloodwing. Three arrows went through both undead. The blackwing fell to pieces. The bloodwing seemed to ‘die’ but it became a zombie bloodborne vulture. Darvin delayed. Dratsab swung around the corner to hit the boneclaw on the stair a couple times. A blackwing clawed Phaedral. Amber went back up the stair to convert one of her spiritual weapon spells to heal some of Phaedral’s wounds. Elminster stood up, and the blackwing clawed him. Elminster cast Scorching Ray, it rebounded onto himself, he absorbed the magic and healed. Kelemvor cut into the boneclaw.



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