Time Spanning Forgotten Realms, or Elminster is Dratsab's Mommy

Dratsab Has a Daughter?!

following her into the Underdark

While in Shadowdale, Kessla sold the gear that the group had accumulated. The items that Elminster had crafted were waiting. Rejanon repaid the loan that Amber had given him. Then everyone went shopping.

Coming back from shopping, there were two messages for Amber, one from Randall Morn & one from family that she works for [Waterdeep]. The others also have sealed messages from Randall.

The letter from Morn, ‘ruler of Daggerdale asks for help solving problem. “Several farms raided by Drow, on edge of Daggerdale. Many people killed and injured Militia tracked them to old crypts. [there’s an underdark entrance there]. 3 nights ago, Drow raiders hit again. He asked for our help to stop the raids. It’s been awhile since they’ve troubled the Dales and he doesn’t know what stirred them up [Lolth has stopped answering prayers.]”

family: “Daggerdale having Drow raider problems. Go smash the raiders. PS, glad you made it home safely.”

Dratsab introduced his new stirge familiar, ‘Slurp.’ And he mentioned that we needed to go the underdark to recover our investment, and to rescue his daughter. To which the near-universal response was ‘daughter?!’

Amber sent a note to Randall Morn that we were going to investigate, with an additional note that the drow were agitated because Lolth stopped talking. To get started quicker, Phaedral guided everyone to the crypts. Kessla knew something about the raids and the crypts. The crypts were rumored to be haunted, recently. The crypts were from an abandoned keep & town, hundreds of years old. The keep is two miles south of the crypt and also rumored to be haunted. The drow have been out raiding every few days.

Kessla also loaned everyone all hats; to make them look like drow. Amber changed her appearance to look like a different drow. When she mentioned that Lolth had stopped talking, Kessla remembered that there was an old drow outpost, Zenthmor Kain, directly under the crypts. It’s from Myrthmydia and was their staging point for invading Shadowdale.

[much humor out of ‘little paladin’s room’ and an aasimar paladin’s s* does not stink, so he could go in his armor]

day 1: into the Dagger Hills, skirting the southern slopes. We saw two stone buildings with more nearby, but ruined. Phaedral checked for tracks while Dratsab looked for stirges. Dratsab detected stirges and Phaedral found tracks. The tracks belonged to drow and some were recent, coming from the area of the mausoleum. The tracks seemed to be of small raiding parties. He also scented undead. Oddly, he found one set child-sized tracks and teen-male-ish; one set smelled vaguely drowish & vaguely Dratsab-ish, with the other smelling like Timmy (the boy that he warned in Tilverton). [jokes about ‘2 stirges snuggled here.’]

Darvin lead the way to the larger stone building, a moldering mausoleum. The mortar was crumbling and the roof cracked, but the doors looked intact. The heraldic crest had been worn away by time. He peered through a crack in the wall. It looked like others had camped inside and four other doors on the walls of the room within.

The door pivoted open easily. I followed behind him, with both swords out. Everyone else came into the room, too. Dratsab checked the room itself for traps, then checked the four doors. Phaedral, Drevin and Kessla watched the door and the other crypt. Moonshadow and also waited outside. Phaedral switched out the Phoenix crystal to a True Death Crystal.

Dratsab found no traps on the door on the left. When it was opened, there was no sign that anyone had been inside it. There was only heavy dust and a sarcophagus. Kessla, peering inside, said that sarcophagus was from the Dodrean family, the people who founded the town.

While Dratsab checked the coffin, finding that the lid was not firmly secured. Darvin cleared the dust away from himself. There were scratch marks on the lid, so Darvin and Rejanon opened it. The corpse, skeleton, inside appeared looted but not animated. They replaced the lid and we went over to the next door.

It too was safe & the interior appeared the same. The sarcophagus also appeared to be looted.

The third door was the same, untrapped. The room was also dusty, until Darvin swept it out, too. This one too appeared looted.

The fourth and final door, was safe. And the interior the same.

So we went to the smaller one. The smaller one still had a legible crest, but it wasn’t the Dodean family. With a suggestion from Rejanon, Kessla recognized it as being written in ancient dialect of common. The words ‘Together for Eternity’ and the name was Trahere, which had some connection to the vampires who transformed Merrydale to Daggerdale (overnight they killed children and many adults, and enslaved rest of populace).

Carefully, Dratsab checked it for traps. Surprisingly, it was untrapped. So he listened at it. When he heard nothing he said, “the vampires are being quiet. Open the door, Darvin. It’s perfectly safe; pardon me while I turn invisible.”

The door was stuck and would not open easily. There was plaster on the sides & tops, from the inside. There were holes but that’s all. Kessla began singing and Dratsab cast protection from Law. Darvin cast Shield.

1)Dratsab , Amber, Rejanon & Kessla delayed. Darvin worked on cracking the plaster to open the door. Phaedral delayed.
2)Dratsab delayed again. Amber sheathed her black metal sword and waited to help Darvin with the door, using her adamantine short sword. Rejanon did the same with his adamantine blade. Kessla sang. Phaedral loaned his crowbar to Darvin, who, with help from the other two, and Dratsab, managed to pop it open. The air was still and two sarcophagus. The other said that there were bits of dirt near the coffins. Phaedral used his ability to activate his scent for the second time of the day to sniff around it. He smelled something in there. Rejanon and I, both able to see invisible, spotted the slightly feral-looking man standing on the right coffin. He looked like the carving of the man on the coffin. The other coffin had the carving of a woman.
3)Dratsab, uncertain of his target, delayed. I cast Faerie Fire on the invisible man, so he was outlined in green. His friends materialized, on either side of the door. The ‘friends’ were those who had thought to rob the mausoleum but the vampire turned them. The vampire tried to dominate me but failed. The two spawn attempted to slam Rejanon & Darvin but they both missed. Rejanon called up Torm to force the undead back. Kessla moved to get a better view and cast Glitterdust on the vampire and one spawn but neither was blinded. Darvin, using the door as cover, cast Balor’s Nimbus, then tumbled around behind left spawn, drawing his spiked chain. Phaedral moved to get a clear shot and aimed for the vampire but both arrows missed. Drevin guarded Kessla.
4)Dratsab headed for the vampire, trusting his invisibility to protect him, but the vampire struck at him. Dratsab missed back. I provoked the spawn, who was too busy cowering to notice, to flank the vampire and slashed him once with with my black metal sword. The left spawn fled and Darvin whipped it as it passed him. Dratsab missed the other one as it ran past him. The undead healed a little. The pair of spawn cowered. The vampire backed off a bit to cast ray of enfeeblement on Amber. Rejanon went in front of me to swing at the vampire, followed by his unicorn. Kessla, using her mandolin, cast Inspirational Boost to add to her Inspire Courage (+4 to hit & damage). Darvin got behind the vampire, grabbed him and squeezed. Phaedral went right up the nearer spawn, invoked Arrow Mind and used Many Shot to shoot through both of them, learning that normal arrows did not do as much damage as expected.
5)Dratsab got within reach to stab the vampire twice, to no effect. I leaped up on the coffin but my swing missed. The undead healed, so to speak. The vampired turned to gas to escape Darvin and went up to the ceiling. Rejanon struck the fleeing vampire, as did Amber, Dratsab, and Darvin. Rejanon, noticing that Amber’s sword was doing full damage, switched his metalline sword to silver. His unicorn bracketed the spawn to attack them. Kessla came up to the door of the mausoleum and cast Tasha’s Hideous Laughter at the vampire but he didn’t get the joke. Darvin drew a different spiked chain. Phaedral switched to silver arrows, shifted, and rapid shot through both spawn; and the first two arrows were enough to discorporate them. He barely held his last two arrows from firing, surprised by their end.
6)Dratsab sent eldritch fire into the vampire gas as he flew upward, visibly. Amber jumped down off the coffin to make room for those who might be able to reach the vampire. The vampire re-incorporated, on the wall and he walked to the corner by the door. Rejanon activated his ring of flight and flew over to threaten the vampire. Kessla stepped inside the mausoleum and taunted him with his wife’s death (beheaded, staked, etc). Darvin cast magic missiles into Count Trahere. Phaedral offered him a chance for last words, mockingly, as he rapidly shot at the count, hitting twice, enough to destroy the undead. Darvin dodged the falling gear. The gas streamed toward the coffin.

150 gp wand of magic missiles, 3rd lvl cloak of resistance +1 ring of protection +1 Bracers of armor +2

The crew opened the coffins to pour holy water inside. Count Trahere had been sleeping in one and the two spawn had been squeezing into his wife’s coffin. There was more loot in the coffins. 4850 silver pieces, 950 gp, garnet ring (140gp) & an emerald (800 gp)



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