Time Spanning Forgotten Realms, or Elminster is Dratsab's Mommy

Blackstaff Tower Fight Continued

Cyric and Midnight become gods

6)Boneclaw swiped twice at Kelemvor but missed him. Rej sent his Torm daggers at a boneclaw, but they bounced off. Of the bloodborne vultures, two flew by Elminster and the third one followed suit. The undead vulture attacked Phaedral. Two claws raked the sage but the elf was not harmed at all. Fire burned the undead and another vulture from the burning arrows while Phaedral loosed three arrows, hitting one vulture thrice and the one behind it twice times. Drevin watched. Phaedral could see more undead headed for the tower door. Darvin moved over to an arrow slit and pulled out a scroll. Dratsab managed to become invisible before he flew by Kelemvor and the boneclaw, nimbly dodging them both. The Sanguinous Drinkers failed to notice Dratsab, so they waited for an opportunity to attack something alive. The blackwing flew over Elminster’s prone form to attack both the sage and Phaedral. One claw raked the sage in the gut [crit] but the bite missed the elf. Amber reached around the stair corner to touch Phaedral and heal some of his wounds, translating her bless spell into a cure light wounds. Elminster cast disintegrate on the blackwing, killing it; then he stood up, provoking the zombie bloodborne vulture, which clawed him. Midnight came up the stairs behind Amber. Thrice Kelemvor swung at the boneclaw and thrice his blow landed.

7)The boneclaw continued to attack the weretiger, clawing him twice. The aasimar moved up behind the clawed Kelemvor and laid his hands upon the wounded warrior. The bloodborne vultures continued attack Elminster but they all missed. The zombie one bit Phaedral harshly [crit], undoing the healing that Amber did and then some. The fire arrows burned the two vultures as Phaedral shot the zombie vulture and the bloodborne vulture behind it; hitting both three times. The elf called to Elminster, telling him to get off the roof. The vulture died, to become undead zombie in midair. Darvin cast magic missile on the new zombie from his scroll and he pulled out a wand. There’s a brief bit of discussion between Phaedral and Elminster about roof vs inside tower and the stair destination. The tiefling struck the boneclaw with his disrupting mace, causing the giant undead to collapse. Still invisible, he stepped into the door of the stairs but his swing missed the next boneclaw. The sanguinous drinkers tried to go through the door, and the first one got attacked by Dratsab as it did so. The undead exploded as it was disrupted. The next two swung blindly at him. More came up the stairs. The first one on the stairs also swung blindly and also missed. Amber again tried to reverse the damage the vultures were inflicting on the elf. Elminster attempted to cast fireball before he tried to go down the steps. His descent provoked the zombie but he managed it, sharing a step with Midnight. Midnight wanted to know where to go, up or down. Kelemvor went out onto the roof with Midnight but he missed the zombie. Two drinkers swung at Dratsab but missed him.

8)The boneclaw swung at the tiefling too and then backed off. Rejanon came up to join Dratsab and nicked the undead with the Dale Sword. The newly zombie vulture flew in while the other one attacked Kelemvore, Midnight & Phaedral. It missed the elf. The two remaining bloodborne vultures both clawed Kelemvor as they flew by, nicking him. Both zombies burn from the arrows as the elf’s arrows killed the close zombie and he stepped out onto the roof. Darvin hit one of the bloodborne vultures with a scorching ray from him wand, creating a new zombie bloodborne vulture. Midnight called for everyone to get onto the roof so that she could block the stairs with a spell. So Darvin reached the stairwell away from his arrow slit. Dratsab delayed. The drinkers attacked invisible Dratsab, five of them, and they all missed. Amber healed some of Elminster’s wounds before she passed Phaedral onto the roof. Elminster healed himself. Midnight delayed casting her spell, to let the Rejanon, Darving and Dratsab come up the stairs, swung her dagger instead. Kelemvor suddenly died when Cyric appeared, stabbing him with the soulsucking short sword. The tablet on Kelemvor’s back disappeared. The secret door that Cyric used became visible, too. Cyric disappeared again, but Phaedral could hear him. Phaedral growled, “Cyric’s here!”

9)The boneclaws clawed at the space where Dratsab stood, but they all missed. Rejanon went up the stairs, sharing a step with Elminster. Dratsab passed Darvin on his way up the stairs, leaving the Mystra priest to block the stairs. The zombies bit at Midnight and Cyric, while the vulture clawed Amber. The two zombies burned while the elf stepped and shot Cyric and the zombie behind him a couple times. Darvin came up the stairs, to join the rooftop crowd, and strike the nearest zombie. Midnight reached the point so that she could see and cast a wall of force to block the stairs. The zombie struck her as she made her move. The undead below were stymied. Amber cast Faerie Fire to strike Cyric and blew him a raspberry. Elminster again tried to cast Fireball. It exploded twenty-five feet off the tower, hitting only one of the zombies; instead of both zombies & Cyric. Cyric tumbled past the line of attack to cut Rejanon’s pack off of his shoulders. Rejanon struck him back, as Amber and Phaedral also struck. Phaedral’s arrow hit Elminster, standing behind Cyric. Phaedral apologized to Elminster. The bag was cut off and it fell to the ground.

10)The boneclaws raked the force field. Rej yelled for Dratsab to grab the pack as the aasimar kicked it down the stairs. Rejanon’s lion shield attacked Cyric as Rejanon’s [[:Sword of the Dales]] struck. Dratsab grabbed the pack, bluffing the Torm daggers that he was Lawful Good. While he had them fooled, he set them to protect Rejanon. He then stepped away. One zombie bit Darvin and the other one flew over to Amber as the vulture flew by Phaedral. Drevin snapped at Cyric’s leg as his elf friend made a comment about redemption being beyond Cyric. Phaedral apologized to Elminster again as he shot through Cyric to hit the sage again. He hit the two of them only once. A huge skeletal griffin, formed from the bones of small animals flew up the tower, being ridden by Merkle. Cyric commented, “oh cr—.” Merkle called Amber’s bones out from within her body as a swift action. He followed that with a staff attack on Phaedral, striking the elf. The griffin lashed out at Rejanon. Darvin grabbed Cyric but failed to hold onto him. Cyric went unconscious, leaving the sword floating over his body. The sword struck Darvin when he grabbed the tablet off Cyric. Darvin retained his soul, though and called his griffin. His griffin appeared next to the tower, just out of skeletal griffin’s reach. Midnight came back up and started concentrating. Amber struck the zombie three times as Elminster asked who wanted a teleport. Everyone but Midnight and Darvin left the tower. Cyric’s sword healed him and Cyric swore when he opened his eyes. He grabbed his sword and disappeared. The zombies op’ed him but he survived enough to get away. One zombie flew over to Darvin and the other one missed him. The vulture flew by and raked him with a claw. Merkle raised Kelemvor as undead. The skeletal griffin clawed and bit at Darvin, in vain. Darvin’s griffin flew by so that Darvin tumbled by the foes and off the tower onto its back. He flew off and Midnight was left in the tower. A griffin rider came by to attack Merkle, Adon rode to her rescue. She teleported all three of them; herself, Adon and the griffin; away.

On Mount Waterdeep, Drevin, Darvin, and Dratsab could see the stairs, as could Cyric and Midnight. A giant in burnished armor guarded the stair, ‘I guard this stair. This way is forbidden save to the one who bears the tablets.’ Cyric tried to claim that he held the tablets, until these people stole them. Dratsab dis’ed him and the guard said, “I know who recovered the tablets.” Aol showed up to tell Midnight that it’s not the guard’s job to punish evil. Dratsab waved at Aol, who waved back. Dratsab asked if he had done enough to become the demi-god of stirges and Aol said ‘maybe’. Rejanon and Amber considered taking up drinking.

Midnight was given the tablets and she handed them to Helm, the guard. Cyric tried to take credit again. Aol crushed the tablets and declared that gods’ power depends on the number and devotion of their followers. More words from Aol. Cyric protested again. Aol revealed that Cyric would be god of strife and death. It’s a punishment not a reward. Aol made Midnight the new Mystra. Darvin went, “hunh,” mildly. She accepted and threatened Cyric. As the celestial stair disappeared, Dratsab asked about his promised riches.

She offered him a choice, more money or a step along the path to what he wanted. He decided that he preferred the demi-godhood. She said that she could not make him a god, that’s up to Aol. But she made him a hero of stirges. She kissed him on the forehead, leaving a mark of a silver stirge bite surrounded by silver stars.

He got several benefits from that [Mike noted it down]. As well as a couple drawbacks.

She also Awakened Drevin. She also Awakened Moonshadow, Amber’s heavy warhorse. Drevin’s griffin became his familiar. Rejanon decided to wait until his new mount was ready, in a month.

+5 weapon or equivalent crafted or upgraded by Elminster; more than that the person had to pay the difference. Plus Midnight gave everyone a limited wish spell and Blessing of own deity, or Mystra feat (for free, FR faiths & pantheons).

Amber asked for additional protections to the sanctuary that she planned to build on her property in the Dalelands.

Mystra gave a baked chicken to Drevin. She also promised to find and bring Sofia and Kelemvor back. She would see to it that those who had passed would be taken care of, tended by the deities of the worshiper and not just left to limbo.

Drevin woke up in the church that he had been building with Sofia. The bell was ringing for prayers. Wings rustled and beaks clacked nearby, griffins.

Rejanon woke in his house. Amber woke in her Sanctuary, with the children, now adults, that she had rescued. Sofia had said that they would be back soon and everyone had been waiting.

Moonshadow decided that he didn’t like teleporting. The other mounts also had been brought forward.

The bard, Kesla, was waiting for them; also warned by Sofia. He commented that Dratsab would be needing help soon. The lizardmen had found him and became part of the militia. There were also new statues in town, thanks to the stalagmite scimitar. Timmy also arrived and a little girl came, she said that she was supposed to bring a wagon. She got attacked and had to hide the wagon.

Dratsab woke in a gold palace, built in the old stirge hole. Gold stirge statues decorate the area; little cushion beds and stirges sucked on chickens. The head of Dratsab’s Irregulars, Doyle, was waiting. He said that Dratsab’s daughter had to hide the wagon in the underdark. She went back for it two weeks ago and hasn’t gotten back yet.

Dratsab, “Let’s go back to…daughter?” Doyle wanted to go get her, ‘she’s kind of hot.’ Dratsab wanted to know who the mother was? He finally guessed it after a couple tries. Dratsab’s daughter has a little dragon that rides her shoulder. It stared.

She went back to get the wagon with Timmy. But neither one of them were good at sneaking. Dratsab decided to go get his friends for help, starting with Phaedral; because he’ll probably want to help Timmy.



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